Wifi printing

  JE-KM 14:59 02 Nov 2004


I have a Wifi ADSL Modem Reuter which beams my broadband signal to my laptop.

It also has a socket for an ethernet connection.

Is it possible to plug my laserject into the reuter via the ethernet socket on the laserjet, and then when I hit print on the laptop will it print out of the laserjet?

Also, can I get a wifi beamy thing for the laserjet so that the laserjet can see the reuter by wifi?

Thanks, James.

  JE-KM 15:02 02 Nov 2004

btw, the printer and modem specs are here if needed!


click here

wifi modem:

click here

  Rioja 16:05 02 Nov 2004


If your laser printer does indeed have an ethernet socket then it should work ok if connected to the ethernet socket of your router.
However, I say "if" because the link you gave is for a Kyocera laser printer that appears to only support parallel or USB connection.

It is possible to buy wireless print servers in both parallel and USB types.


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