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  destan 18:34 24 Mar 2012

I am trying to set up a LAN for a charity. But am having difficulty networking on a wireless Kodak Printer. The Hub is a BT Business BB Router. I have set up 7 computers on the LAN and am trying to get them to all print using the KODAK C3100 Printer. The first one installed from the Install Disc. The second one stated there was a fire wall block, Port 5353. The third has a fault of 106-1606 so even though it shows the printer available but when I try to install it states no printer found.

Do I need to re-set up the network as public or pivate. The 3 pcs next to the printer are running Vista, three others are running Win7, I am not setting these up to the printer, and the router is controlled by an old pc running XP.

I have not hard wired any computers to the printer but have downloaded a firmware update.

I thought this would be a simple, quick Saturday morning job.

Advice greatly anticipated and received.

  northumbria61 07:43 25 Mar 2012

You may do better posting this on the Networking Forum.

  Taff™ 11:03 25 Mar 2012

The last Kodak printer I set up on a BT HomeHub was a similar nightmare. Solved by setting the Printer wireless configuration using the printer's settings and WLAN manually to join the router. (Using the encryption key on the router)

Then using the disk to add each computer so that the Kodak software was installed on every machine. (There were only 2 in this instance) No need to use a USB cable and using the wizard simply joined the network and searched for the printer on it.

  destan 12:19 25 Mar 2012

Taff, thanks. I have installed the printer from it's settings to the WiFi network. All the PC's can see it but the printer wizards can not find the drivers online. I then run the Kodak disc installation but then get the two faults. The one with the socket 5353 firewall issue has still installed the driver so I can print from the desktop icon and it appears in the Ctrl P option. The one with the Windows fault code, whcih is not recognised by the windows fault look up does not install the printer icon onto the tool bar.


  Taff™ 12:53 25 Mar 2012

It isn't a Windows Fault code. Kodak 106-1606 Error CodeNot sure if that will help you though.

Is this the printer ESP C310? If so the latest drivers from December are here Kodak ESP C310 Drivers

  destan 11:26 26 Mar 2012

Sorry fault code 101-1606, (Wrongly said 106) MSi error. I have run the Microsoft FiXIt but nothing found. It is just one machine. I was looking to see if there is available a Microsoft Installer Cleaner that I can run? or even a generic installer cleaner.


  Taff™ 11:57 26 Mar 2012

There are various. What OS and service pack have you got on this one machine?

  destan 12:22 26 Mar 2012

Same as 2 others on thisVista SP2 updated on Win update, none available

just connected 2 win 7 laptop, straight on to printer with install disc. Just this one troublesome pc.

  Taff™ 12:51 26 Mar 2012

See if this helps. Link to Microsoft Download Centre Go to the Method 2

Strangely enough I'm also doing this with a Dell Latitude on Vista 32bit at the moment

  destan 11:04 05 Apr 2012

Nope, will WiFi due to MSi fault. Persevered and somehow got USB to run. So two Wireless and one USB. Not the solution I was looking for, but, works. Thanks for all the advice. Stan

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