WiFi Personal Reccomendations Please

  peugeot man 14:41 17 Feb 2010

I want to purchase a USB WiFi dongle compatible with windows 7 32 bit.

I have a Sky router and currently connect using a BT Voyager dongle. Everythjing works fine but the dongle is a bit dated and I want to upgrade.

I have a couple of brand new Belkins that are not Win7 compatible.

I have looked at the Windows compatability web site and found several listed, but when I look at the suppliers site, Misco etc they are not shown as being compatible.

Just trying to make this a simple process so am asking for your personal experiences please rather than relying on web info.

  User-312386 15:39 17 Feb 2010

Why not a PCI card? I have a 3 year old belkin card and i run it in compatbility mode with no issues at all!

Forgot to say i am running windows 7 64bit

  donki 15:44 17 Feb 2010

I bought one of these

Edimax WiFi nLite Mini-Size USB Adapter
click here

For my mums laptop to replace the netgear one she had (managed to wash it in the washing machine). Its so much smaller than the old one and connects just as well if not better. Good price too, I paid £20 from my local shop, just because she needed it quickly.

  donki 15:46 17 Feb 2010

I should have said, it works on my Windows 7 desktop too so it is compatable.

  retep888 16:15 17 Feb 2010

<<I have a couple of brand new Belkins that are not Win7 compatible>>

You may have to go the Belkins site to look for Win7 driver,do you have the model no.?

  peugeot man 16:23 17 Feb 2010

madboy33©®, Thanks that would have been an option but no spare PCI slot.

donki, thank you, this does not say Win compatable but to know it works is all I needed to know, have ordered today, thanks again

  donki 16:31 17 Feb 2010

Your welcome, it worked no problems drviers were installed right away. You can have a look on Amazon there are many happy buyers who use it on Windows 7 64 bit.

  peugeot man 16:36 17 Feb 2010

they are F5D7050uk ver v5002uk.

Tried driver from installation disk and website but same result everytime,

"Windows found driver for your device but failed to install it" "Driver is not intended for this platform"

  retep888 16:51 17 Feb 2010

click here

Scroll down to the bottom,is it the same driver you downloaded for the Belkin adapter?

It's win7 compatible.

  peugeot man 17:02 17 Feb 2010

Thanks retep888, yes this is the same driver I used, however this time I chose to "Run" rather than download. Got a different error this time which was "Incorrect Parameter".

I think I'll try on another Win7 PC later today and see if I get the same results.

Thanks for your help

  User-312386 17:09 17 Feb 2010

Right click on the .exe and run as administrator

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