Wifi on Orange wireless router issue.

  gazmix 13:53 12 May 2013


I am using a Siemens wireless router but using a wired connection to my desktop pc.

I also have a mobile device & want to use the Wifi from the router to feed the device.

  1. When i type into my browser, it brings up the option to enter the password to access the admin area. How can i retrieve this?

Is this the password that i enter on my mobile device's wifi to be able to use the router wifi?


  gazmix 13:54 12 May 2013

forgot to say, i have forgotten the password!

  lotvic 14:28 12 May 2013

No it's just the router homepage password: Enter the password admin and click OK

But you don't need to go into your router's homepage unless you are wanting to change some of the routers settings.

If all you want is to connect a WiFi device then on your Device, search for available networks, find your router from the list and click on connect and enter the WiFi password that is on the label (network name is also on same label) on the back or underneath your router.

  gazmix 14:40 12 May 2013


On the back i have 'Product name' & 'Security code'. Is it the security code? a 14 digit number containing letters & numbers?

  gazmix 14:50 12 May 2013

Yep, thanks sorted! Will this be a much faster connection than using my normal connection on device?

  lotvic 16:46 12 May 2013

I don't know because I don't know what your normal connection on device is and I don't know what speed either connection is so I can't compare them. I suggest you do a speed test on http://www.speedtest.net/ to find out.

  gazmix 23:44 13 May 2013

ok, here is my screenshot of the test! http://i1317.photobucket.com/albums/t624/gazmix/screen_zpsbf1ff015.png

also phone telling me i need flash player by java but it says it isn't available for my phone, is there an alternative to Adobe?

  lotvic 00:31 14 May 2013

Your speedtest screenshot shows you are getting a download speed of 2.71 Mbps on Orange Home UK (ISP)

I'm sorry but I don't know anything about java for phones :(

  gazmix 11:33 14 May 2013

sorry, i thought you were going to tell me if the wifi on the mobile would be faster than my ordinary internet connection on the device.

  lotvic 11:56 14 May 2013

I will if you tell me what the other download figure is. Need two figures in order to see which has the highest download speed.

Anyway, do speed test with the other connection and then see which has highest download speed.

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