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Wifi or Powerline adapter + Ethernet?

  Ben Coombe 07:29 20 Jul 2016

I'm attempting to build my own gaming computer but it doesn't come with any native wifi support so would it be faster to get a wireless adaptor for USB or to get a powerline adaptor (as my computer will be situated quite far from my hub) and then access internet by ethernet cable?

  wee eddie 10:20 20 Jul 2016

I have been given the impression that second option is the faster as with, for example, a PS2 Mouse over a wireless mouse or a USB one

  Secret-Squirrel 10:31 20 Jul 2016

Ben, you're likely to get a slightly faster and more reliable connection with powerline adapters although that depends on the state of your electrical wiring and where you're plugging them in.

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