Wifi not working on tablets

  [email protected] 14:58 21 Feb 2016

Our wifi is still working for all PCs and laptops in the house, but stopped working for all tablets. We didn't change anything. The tablets can get wifi other places, just not at home.

  Forum Editor 15:26 21 Feb 2016

How many devices are we talking about in total?

  xania 10:13 22 Feb 2016

I frequently find the same problem in my house, and I have found the only way to overcome the problem is to try to break the connection and then reconnect. However, when it does finally connect, emails take an absolute age to download. May have something to do with the number of devices attached, but this even happens if I place my tablet right next to the hub. I don't know whether the tablet needs a stronger connection (perhaps a weaker receiver on the tablet?) - it just does!!

NB - in my case the hub is providing links to 1 PVR/TV (direct wired link), 1 desktop (Powerline) plus 2 laptops, 2 tablets, 1 printer and 1 smartphone (all wireless).

  Govan1x 15:49 22 Feb 2016

Had that problem this morning. Grandaughter dropped in from Australia this morning and could not connect her iPhone to our Wifi.

The only thing I had done was to set my router to 5ghz last week. Realised because we were downstairs and 5ghz works better over a shorter Distance maybe that was the problem. Switched off the 5ghz and enabled the 2.4 ghz instead and she got an instant signal.

Must admit find it very confusing which is the best settings and in my house it is the 2.4 ghz which seems to work better.

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