WiFi not connecting

  Sparky3327 12:44 27 Nov 2008

My laptop is no longer recognising my wireless router, an Edimax 802.11g.
My iPhone and my son's laptop both pick it up and work well anywhere in the house.
My laptop however, is sat on top of the router and won't detect it at all!!!
It all works well when it's plugged in via the ethernet cable but that's no good.
I've checked the necessary settings and they seem to be ok - I think - so am at a loss really.
Only thing I thought, does the router need to be connected to a pc permanently for the rest of the wireless equipment to work properly?
Any ideas?

  Rahere 13:07 27 Nov 2008

the router is independent - no pc connection required at all as the phone line goes into this router doesn't it?

Have you made any changes to your pc recently?
what security software have you installed?

  sunnystaines 13:11 27 Nov 2008

has the slider on the front of the laptop been pushed accidentally to off.

right click the wifi icon and select repair.

last option if above 2 fail delete and reinstal your network in the laptop.

  Sparky3327 14:12 27 Nov 2008

Rahere & sunnystaines, thanks for your help, turns out the switch was turned off.
But before you go, this has created another problem. When it's plugged in, I can connect to the internet and retrieve mail ok, but when I'm wireless the internet is just not available.I have strong signal strength and there's no indication that any settings have changed.

  oldbeefer2 14:16 27 Nov 2008

Do you need to right click the icon and click 'connect' ?

  Rahere 14:21 27 Nov 2008

Have you got a password to access the wireless internet?

Or maybe your firewall is blocking you?

  rossgolf 14:27 27 Nov 2008

maybe it is just your browsers settings?

  crosstrainer 14:33 27 Nov 2008

You need to input your router's access code.

Right click on the little icon in the task bar and select "View available networks"

Choose yours and click connect.

You should be prompted for the key (WEP or WPA)

enter this and all should be well.

  Sparky3327 14:33 27 Nov 2008

oldbeefer, connected and working online
Rahere, password is in and I've tried disabling Windows firewall but no use
rossgolf, browser settings are same as previously. I've only checked connections in internet seting, is there anywhere else to look?


  oldbeefer2 14:51 27 Nov 2008

Sorry grezza, I'm a tad confused (not an unusual state). You say "when I'm wireless the internet is just not available" then "connected and working on line". So how does the problem show itself?

  Sparky3327 15:12 27 Nov 2008

oldbeefer,sorry for not being clear. It shows itself by a blank page in IE, with "you could not be connected to the internet" and the usual bumf written on it.
I can't retrieve e-mails in this state either as it says there's no connection.
That's what I can't understand,it's connected to the router but not to the internet.

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