WIFI Network problem

  VoG II 23:36 07 Jan 2004

Following my earlier thread click here I have (eventualy, don't ask) managed to install a Belkin router plus a Belkin PCMCIA adapter on the laptop. Me (desktop) and daughter (laptop) now both have internet access through the broadband modem.

However I have also installed a Belkin WIFI PCI card on the desktop but Windows does not recognise it - i.e no new hardware found. Tried Device Manager and installing new hardware but Belkin is not listed. There is an entry in Control Panel but everything is greyed out.

If this is relevant, the
PCI slot was previously occupied by a dial-up modem card which was disabled.

Could the WIFI card be faulty (what are the chances) or what have I done wrong?
Windows XP

  AubreyS 23:54 07 Jan 2004

Hello Vog.

I'm also having WIFI problems this evening. Has your WIFI card got led's on it and if so are they on constant or flashing?

  AubreyS 23:57 07 Jan 2004

Now, after reading your posting properly (getting tired) I think that there could be a good chance that the card is faulty. I did have to return one of my cards (linksys)

  woodchip 23:58 07 Jan 2004

Got to admit I am not a friend of Belkin, D-Link may be better

  Forum Editor 00:10 08 Jan 2004

is to install the software first - then install the card. If that doesn't work it does look as if you may have a faulty card, but it's very unsual.

  JIM 11:13 08 Jan 2004

following on from FE,may be worth having a look at the reviews for the Adapter if it applies.
A few idea's that my help?

1 - Don't install the software from the CD that comes in the box, go straight to the Belkin support/download area and get the latest drivers from there. These are G standard compatible and include all the utilities on the CD. Install the software before you install the cards.etc.etc.

click here

  VoG II 12:41 08 Jan 2004

That's what I did - followed the instructions to the letter i.e.

Install software.

Switch off and plug the card in.

Switch on and wait for Windows to find new hardware - which it didn't.

I'll try the other ideas tonight.

Thanks all.

  VoG II 22:55 09 Jan 2004

Yesterday I removed the card in the desktop and turned on the 'puter. Black-background Windows screen appears then froze. Repeated several times - nothing.

Turned-off 'puter re-inserted card. Turned on and got the menu including Safe Mode, Last known good configuration etc. I don't know why but I selected Last known good configuration. This got past the Windows screen, flickered then black screen - nowt.

Tried again a couple of times and then selected Normal. On Windows loading got a missing nvcpl.dll error - knew what to expect as this is an NVidia driver. Booted up but with crap unchangeable graphics. Basically had to load fresh NVidia drivers from the net.

The card is still not recognised or working. Daughter is happy since she can access the internet and I'm "content" as everything seems to be back to normal on my machine.

I'm going to post a separate thread about Last known good configuration since it's almost as if Windows rolled back to when I installed my current graphics card - at least a year ago! I have not (and did not) have any errors in Device Manager so why would it (apparently) go back so far.

Anyway the upshot is (a) I'm back to normal and (b) we have agreed that internet access for daughter is sufficient at present. We don't want to risk ending up with a totally unbootable desktop.

Incidentally, I did not disturb any other PCI cards doing the above.

Thanks for your time.

  VoG II 23:33 09 Jan 2004

I think that I know what I am doing.

How the heck would an "average" PC user deal with this - makes me wonder.

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