WiFi link. Signal weak

  montrachet 12:16 16 Feb 2010

Can anyone give me some advice please.
I have a relatively recent Toshiba laptop. Model Satellite L300-1AQ with Windows Vista Home Premium.
I have a holiday home and would like to use the computer there. I have a BT account with access to BT Openzone. There is a neighbour 15mtrs away who is registered for the Openzone scheme.
I am able to link into his system with WiFi but the signal is not strong enough. Two bars max.
Looking at the internet, I can see, as usual, that there appear to be a million solutions. Boosters etc etc. Can somebody point me in the right direction please. I notice that BT sell a Hawking Hi-Gain Wireless 300n USB network dish adaptor and a Hawking Wireless G dish adaptor.
The High gain 300n gives speeds up to 300Mbps and the G model 54Mbps.
Will this work or are there any better solutions.
Thanks in advance.
I will post this on networking as well.

  howard64 14:47 16 Feb 2010

firstly has you neighbour given permission for you to pig-e-back on his broadband - it is illegal if he has not. If permission is granted you will have to experiment with position. In my home certain rooms have no trouble connecting but others cannot. Where his wireless router is poitioned will also make a difference. The higher the transmitter the better the signal. If he uses wifi could he move it to the closest point to your place?

  Technotiger 14:52 16 Feb 2010

BT OpenZone is designed specifically so that a members' WiFi can be shared with other members, as far as I am aware.

  Technotiger 14:58 16 Feb 2010
  howard64 15:18 16 Feb 2010

thanks Technotiger was not aware that BT had signed up to fon. Is it automatically on or must the system be switched on? There must be some control or a persons bandwidth might be compromised.

  Technotiger 15:19 16 Feb 2010

Not automatic - members must first agree to be part of it.

  scotty 15:35 16 Feb 2010

N standard devices will only give you a stronger signal if it is pared with a N standard wireless router. You could try to persuade your neighbour to upgrade to a N router. This would technically be the simplest solution.

  montrachet 16:09 16 Feb 2010

I imagine my neighbour has a BT hub. Would this be to 'n' standard.
Anybody any ideas as to how I can beef up my receiving signal. Aerial with amplifier perhaps.
Thanks to all who have posted so far.

  Technotiger 16:28 16 Feb 2010

If he has the latest BT Hub Version 2 - Yes!

  montrachet 18:11 16 Feb 2010

Next time I'm there I will invite the neighbours to supper and ask him if he has the latest hub.
Still like to know what I can do my end.
Thanks again all posters.
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