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  [DELETED] 22:24 05 Jan 2007

Hope you can help with this - trying to sort it out for my parents.

They have a Bush WIFI Internet Radio which they are trying to use. They have broadband and the rather bizarre Orange Livebox router, which I think is causing problems.

The radio finds the wireless network and asks them to enter a WPA encryption key. But the router seems to use only WEP (v long 20 character string) and when that is entered into the radio it just times out, as you would expect it to.

There seems to be no way of changing the WIFI radio so that a WEP key can be entered. And despite my suggestion to my father that he simply turns off all encryption on the router he's reluctant to do this as he thinks it'll mean he has to configure his router all over again and may lose internet connection altogether.

We managed to disable the router firewall and I don't think there's an IP address conflict as the router uses dynamic IP adresses, and he's tried the WIFI radio both with the lap-top on and off, so that seems unlikely.

Any ideas? What would happen if we disabled all encryption on the router? It says "warning, all devides connected will be disconnected if you disable this". I figured it would simply disconnect you, and then you'd re-connect without encryption, but my father thinks it means he'll be totally back to square one and have to go through the entire router set up again.

Please help!!

  Ashrich 22:47 05 Jan 2007

Why not enable WPA encryption on the Livebox ? It won't make any difference to the connection , and instead of putting a complicated arrangement of letters and numbers you can put memorable words instead ( although the longer the better ) and reconnect the laptop , then you can use the radio as well ....


  Ashrich 22:52 05 Jan 2007

I think you should be able to choose WEP/WPA or WPA Only , go for the second .


  [DELETED] 22:58 05 Jan 2007

Ashley - thanks, didn't realise I could do that.

will it ask me to set my a new WPA key? My father's worried it's going to lock him out. But I guess it must just be blank just now?? There's only a WEP key written on the side of the Livebox.

  Ashrich 21:14 06 Jan 2007

From what I have read , you have the option of setting either a wep or wpa code , just use a long series of memorable words ( you can write them down or save it to a file if you like ) for wpa , then use the same on the laptop when it asks , and you're away ! Nothing else changes , don't leave it unsecured otherwise you'll have the world and his wife using your fathers broadband free of charge , the router will do the rest and then the Internet radio can have it's WPA code and work as it is supposed to .


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