Wifi internet connection question

  ACOLYTE 23:44 01 Aug 2005

If i wanted to conect a laptop to the net so i can accsess the net anywere in the uk would i need this click here with this
click here or just the first one or none of the above,im lost on this also do you need to set up an ISP like you do for normal net connection or do you just plug it in and go.

  Dipso 23:58 01 Aug 2005

You would need a wireless card (your first Click Here) if your laptop is not already wireless enabled. The second Click Here is only if you want to acces the internet wirelessly from home.

You don't necessarily need an ISP to access the internet on the move but you do need either a free wifi hotspot provider, some libraries, coffee shops provide these or a subscription with click here with which you can access hotspots at MacDonalds or PC Wporld for example.

This is a good site for locating hotspots click here

  ACOLYTE 00:22 02 Aug 2005

Thx for the help,so the idea is my wife has just got a laptop and when she out on buisness in the car,or needs to ask for directions she can just pull over and log in to msn so we can talk,would this work?,im guessing i would need to pay subsription to Bt for this.She may not be near any free places and may even be in the middle of nowhere.

  Dipso 01:04 02 Aug 2005

The BT Openzone subscription would be the best option I think, but even then she would need to be in the vacinity of a Wifi Hotspot not just "in the midlle of nowhere" as you can't access the net if out of range of a wireless network.

The only other way would be through a blutooth enabled mobile phone using it as a modem but I don't know much about this only that it's very slow.

  ACOLYTE 01:10 02 Aug 2005

You have been a great help,one last thing does it matter with the bt subscription what hotspot you are near or can you use them all.Or just the ones bt want.Also what is the range of a connection,as somtimes she travels in the country
and there isnt places for miles.

  Dipso 22:24 02 Aug 2005

This explains a bit more click here "BT Openzone is also available through The Cloud, T-Mobile UK and ReadytoSurf™ Wi-Fi networks"

The range of these hotspots is unfortunately only 100 Metres so there may be a problem when your wife is in the country. You say she may need to ask for directions, have you considered a PDA with built in SatNav software?

  woodchip 23:02 02 Aug 2005

Both if you use the Comp at home and a BB connection. only the first link for what is called Hotspots like Macdonald's etc

  woodchip 23:03 02 Aug 2005

PS you have to pay for most Hotspots

  Dipso 23:07 02 Aug 2005

Agreed, as I said in my first reply ;)

  ACOLYTE 10:37 03 Aug 2005

Thx chaps i will pass along the info.

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