Wifi dropping in speed - please help

  Arfan Qureshi 16:04 22 May 2019

Hi Everyone

I’m new to the forum, so firstly Hayyy ‘Sup ☺

I’m having some serious issues with the my wifi at the moment and I’m hoping some of you guys may be able to help.

I live in a block of flats and use sky as my ISP. I also have an TP link Archer D2 which I use to transmit a 2.4 and 5ghz network. It’s a two bedroom flat average size so the signal should be and has been strong enough to broadcast generally id say 48- 50z-ghz across the flat with no problem.

Unfortunately despite the missus telling not to mess about with things I decided last sat to re arrange the living room. Which meant moving the sky modem router thingy and my archer to another place in the living room. This is where the problems started. Firstly bloody sofa didn’t fit where I wanted it to and had to move the room back around again to how it was before. And now my Wifi speed if F*cked.

I’ve tried everything, changed channels on both 2.4 and 5 it jumps up to about 40 ish and then after half an hour or the next morning it drops down to 4mg. I’ve got a 70mg connection coming in and when I hard wire my mac into the both the sky and the Archer box it gives me 70mps speed. Its just that over the wifi its not having any of it.

I’ve eliminated any interference but to no avail. Please please pleaeassse can someone help me out!

So here is what we have in the house that uses the wifi:

Sky tv box – Wired – Archer Sonos Sound beam – Wired – Archer Sonos speaker (living room) – Wired into sonos hub and then into sky router Phillips hues hub – archer

Wireless devise that connect –

Permanently Sonof light switch Android tv Sonos 1 (kitchen) Amazon Alexa x 2 (bedroom) Ipad Mac book Apple tv Wireless plug All the lights – Phillips hue

Not so permanently Apple tv bedroom Amazon fire stick Macbook air Iphone x 2 Galaxy smart phone.

I’ve just realised how much is drawing from out internet!

So can anyone help me with my problem please.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:11 22 May 2019

Have you tried resetting the Archer?

click here

  Arfan Qureshi 17:15 22 May 2019

Yeh tried that updated the firmware and everything still no joy �/p>

  Arfan Qureshi 08:44 23 May 2019

Thanks Keith and Kevin both for your solutions, I'll give taking everything off the network a try tonight. Also yes i do have a sky micro filter and that was replaced about three months ago when I got the new sky modem. I use a mac so not sure if its got the equivalent of task manager which pc's have. What I have done is checked the speed both on my iPad and also my mac too and they are both giving the same reading. I'll disconnect everything and give that route a try and report back tomorrow. Hopefully with some good news :-)

  Arfan Qureshi 08:55 24 May 2019

So guys, gave your suggestions a go and nothing, its still not having it. Hard wired i'm getting the right speed but when over the wifi its just being crap. reset the router again and i'm just at a loss.

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