wifi connection issues, virgin superhub windows 8...

  athenrye 13:03 18 Nov 2012

wifes laptop, dell inspiron 1545 run windows vista 64 bit, always ran well if a bit slow, I upgraded it a few weeks ago to windows 8 and runs a like a super car now! it was a fresh install with no problems

however over the last few weeks it intermittently lost the wifi signal and wouldn't connect, sometimes when the lid was closed and it went to sleep etc, we restarted it and it seemed to work

yesterday it wouldn't connect at all tot he virgin superhub, and today is the same, it worked with a cable but not wifi, I updated drivers for wifi etc still no good

heres the thing, I have a pc, ipad, sky, iods and 2 phones all connected to the superhub all working either cabled or wifi

I then took the laptop to my relative across the road and logged onto his virgin media superhub wifi straight away with no problems and surfed for a while, restarting and closing down and starting a good few times

came back here to my house and it wont work...

arghhh, I think ive done most checks and balances, why wont it connect?


  northumbria61 13:20 18 Nov 2012

I can only suggest disabling the network adapter on the laptop, restarting the laptop and then re-enabling.

  mgmcc 13:30 18 Nov 2012

Try this:

Click the WiFi network icon beside the clock to bring up the list of Available Networks. Right click the entry for your Super Hub's SSID and select "Forget this network".

Then try reconnecting to it.

  athenrye 13:33 18 Nov 2012

I can see the available network in laptop and see the signal strength, ive tried the enable disable etc

I switched the bloody thing off...

I switched it on, he presto it works, superhub going back next week, everything else was connected and working! whats up with that!

cheers guys

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