WiFi affected by mobile phone charging.

  gazmix 15:21 04 Jun 2018

ok when my phone is connected to my EE brightbox's Wifi all seems ok until i plug the Sony x compact into any plug socket in the house to charge, the internet light on router (left & right pointing arrows) flash fast and continuously & the 2 little arrows next to the Wifi sign on the phone stay solid all the time & the internet on both phone and pc become so slow its impossible to use.

Any help appreciated

  difarn 15:43 04 Jun 2018

Do you have bluetooth enabled on your phone? If so disable it and see if that makes a difference. Do you have mobile hot-spot enabled? If so try disabling that.

  gazmix 16:05 04 Jun 2018

If you mean hotspots on drop down screen with the wifi icon then no, Bluetooth either..

  difarn 18:45 04 Jun 2018

I don't think that is the mobile hotspot. I don't know which model you have but this article explains how to enable your phone as a mobile hotspot.

click here

  gazmix 19:09 04 Jun 2018

It's xperia x compact. I can't find 'tethering or portable hotspot' anywhere in the connectivity settings.

  difarn 19:24 04 Jun 2018

This is how you find it.

click here

  gazmix 19:34 04 Jun 2018

OK thanks, yeah it's off.

  gazmix 19:41 04 Jun 2018

Although in hotspot and tethering > portable hotspot settings > Discoverable, the device is visible.

  difarn 19:46 04 Jun 2018

Can you make it so it is not discoverable? Another thought - do you have a dual band router? If so, is there the facility on your phone to connect to both? If so you could try using the other connection. To find this you need to look at your wifi connection on your find which you normally find under settings.

  gazmix 21:25 04 Jun 2018

Yes I can make it not discoverable which I'll do tomorrow when I'm at the pc.

I don't knowingly have a dual band router but I'm expecting a new EE bright box in next few days which may be. I'll report back ASAP tomoz.

  difarn 22:21 04 Jun 2018

I have a Bright Box and it is dual band.

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