bobford 10:59 15 Mar 2010

I am trying to find a decent wifi N ADSL Router that will work properly with Windows Home Server. I have found a list of routers, but they didn't have the wifi/modem bit.

Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated



  mgmcc 14:16 15 Mar 2010

Routers are network devices to which computers connect using TCP/IP protocol, the operating system is immaterial - Windows, Mac, Linux etc.

Have a look at this selection of 802.11n ("N") ADSL Modem/Routers. click here

Be aware that some of the "N" routers shown only support a connection speed of 150Mbps rather than 300Mbps.

  bobford 09:26 16 Mar 2010

I appreciate your comments. The HP WHS has the ability to access the WHS from the outside world and has auto configuration capabilities for the wouter to allow this (all in Upnp I think it is called).

I therefore am looking for a decent N wifi adsl modem router that the HP WHS can auto configure.


  mgmcc 11:30 16 Mar 2010

My personal preference is for D-Link Routers, although my broadband is Virgin Cable rather than ADSL.

The D-Link ADSL Modem/Router click here in the page I linked to does support UPnP and should do what you require, allowing automatic configuration for remote access to the server from the internet.

It also supports Dynamic DNS, so your server can be accessed via a domain name you've registered regardless of the IP address currently assigned to you by your ISP.

  bobford 12:30 16 Mar 2010

Thanks for that.

I'll give it a bash and see how I get on.

I'll report back progress



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