Wifi - adhoc network - 2 PCs can see other drives

  Air_Man 16:58 08 Oct 2004

I am attempting to connect a desktop and laptop via wifi. I have managed to get them both to see the network and can ping the desktop from the laptop (but not the other way around??). However, I cannot setup a "Network Place" or map a drive from either to the other. The laptop gets as far as prompting for a username and password to map the drive but it never accepts them. I have tried Guest accounts and a separate "wifi" account but with no luck. One thought I have had is that the laptop is a company machine and is used on the office LAN and domain. Everytime my username is rejected, the username pops up pre-filled with "[COMPANY DOMAIN NAME/\[USERNAME]" when I only want the "[USERNAME]" part.

I know I'm rambling, and I don't even know what I'm saying myself, but I'm hoping someone out there who understand this wifi stuff might be able to spot something I'm doing wrong.

ALl firewalls are turned off (as far as I can find them) and My Docs are set up as shared on both machines.

Anyone help please????

  mgmcc 17:21 08 Oct 2004

Hazarding a guess, you may have to remove the laptop from the company domain and use a Workgroup instead to be able to connect to a home network. Right click "My Computer", select Properties and then the Computer Name tab. Is there an option to change the Domain to a Workgroup? (I don't have XP Pro installed to be able to check.) The Workgroup name has to be the same as that on the desktop PC.

I wouldn't be too concerned about mapping network drives, initially you want "each" PC to see an icon for "both" PCs in My Network Places.

  Air_Man 07:41 09 Oct 2004

Thanks mgmcc. Trouble is, I'm not at all sure about using Workgroups and Domains (I'm not even sure I really know what they are) - anything related to networking is a problem to me.

I'll search around the forum a bit to try and find out more about domains & workgroups.

  Ms.C 07:58 09 Oct 2004

I am currently having someone help me get wi-fi up and running (narrow band). The pc end shows positive, as does the laptop, but they don't "talk" to each other. It seems that I need an extra piece of kit for them to meet in the middle?

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