Michael3130 13:10 19 Sep 2007

I posted a question last night but noone's replied.

I am trying to print wirelessly from my laptop to my printer using a d-link wireless print server and am having no luck. I am a total novicee when it comes to networking problems so any help at all would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


  €dstowe 14:15 19 Sep 2007

Why complicate things? If it's a laptop, why not take it proximate to the printer and connect by wire?

If you really want to do it wirelessly, do you have the printer software installed on the computer?

  Michael3130 14:23 19 Sep 2007

I use the laptop all round the house and the printer is kept in a specific location which isn't always easily accessible to plug into.

Yes the software for the printer is installed. I have gone through the manual to set up the print server but it still isn't working. The printer did print though when it was connected directly via a USB cable. I think it's a problem with the IP addresses of the print server as after I type the IP address of the laptop into the web configuratiuon set up, the laptop then doesn't seem to be able to find the print server. Hope that is explained right.


  €dstowe 14:33 19 Sep 2007

Sorry, I can't help any further. Wireless has always been a mystery to me - which is the reason I've just gone over to through-the-mains networking.

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