Wifes Sandisk Sansa Clip Frozen

  ponytail 11:37 07 Sep 2018

Not sure if this post is in the correct section so apologies if not. I was just in the middle of changing the music on my wifes Sandisk Sansa Clip when it froze completely and none of the buttons work.On the screen it just says writing in orange.Cannot turn it off and have looked at the online manual and it says press something to the left but what it is pointing to is the volume control.Any help appreciated.One thing the controls shown on the manual seem a bit different to what is on the unit.

  Pine Man 11:50 07 Sep 2018
  ponytail 12:41 07 Sep 2018

Thanks Pine Man I have already tried pressing the menu button along with all the other buttons but nothing happens when I press them and cannot do a factory reset either.It says the power button is the rest button on this model.We do not have a paperwork or box to tell us exactly what model it is and all it says on it is Sandisk on the back and Sansa on the front

  ponytail 13:16 07 Sep 2018

As I cannot turn it off what happens when the battery goes flat would that help.

  Pine Man 15:46 07 Sep 2018

Sorry I don't know but I doubt it.

  wee eddie 16:06 07 Sep 2018

Worth a try:- Take the battery out > leave it 10 minutes > put the battery back > try again

  ponytail 20:04 07 Sep 2018

Havejust checked and the battery is now flat and have now connected it to the laptop to re-charge it.It says connected now and looks like it may be charging.Will leave it now and see what happens.Will post the result on here.

  ponytail 20:05 07 Sep 2018

I meant to ask how do you take the battery out.

  wee eddie 20:38 07 Sep 2018

Read the Manual

  Joe G 00:21 08 Sep 2018

Mine 'died' twice - first time I got it back with a factory reset second time nothing would help - just at the point I was going to buy another one I gave the factory reset another go and it came back to life and has been fine for several years - probably not helpful if you can't get to do the reset but just to let you know it is worth persevering!

  ponytail 09:26 08 Sep 2018

It now seems to be working ok since I let the battery completely discharge and then fully charged it.Have now put all the music on it and it plays fine.

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