wierdest booting , software error or hardware ????

  romanadityasingh 13:02 05 Jun 2017

When i try to power on my laptop it stucks at windows logo , but in safe mode everything is working fine except when trying to shutting down ; it again stucks at shutting down screen . And when in safe mode i disabled the graphic card then windows able to boot in normal mode but then enabling graphic card requires restart and then it won't boot again . Also the time taken between the hitting the power on button to getting the brand name is also extended . Any help will be appreciated .

  q33ny 13:46 05 Jun 2017

Try this first. Boot in safe mode and make sure you have the latest video driver installed if not install the latest.

  romanadityasingh 15:55 05 Jun 2017

Already tried , i have the latest driver for graphic card

  q33ny 17:23 05 Jun 2017

k, so, in safe boot everything is default, I suggest you do the same, look for a restore point if you have. What windows do you have?

  romanadityasingh 06:06 06 Jun 2017

I already did the restore point thing but nothing works out I was using the windows 7 64bit version but yesterday i changed that to windows 10 , i thought windows might be creating the problem ,but its not

The main problem which is making me worry is that why the time taken between from hitting the power button to getting brand logo screen is sooo much increased At normal conditions it takes not more than a second but now its about 5 second This never happened earlier

  q33ny 09:34 06 Jun 2017

K, remove the hdd see of it makes any difference in how the laptop boots up. Try to use one of this to have a windows. Also try to run a memtest see what you get.

  romanadityasingh 19:47 09 Jun 2017

I did the memtest but its shows no error and removing the hdd also did not work But thankx for your suggestion

  q33ny 08:14 10 Jun 2017

Try to get into BIOS and load default values. See if it makes any difference.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:19 10 Jun 2017

If it was oK until you loaded windows 10 then its possible windows 10 has replaced the graphics driver.

I would try re downloading and reinstalling the graphics driver (rather than trying to update the driver in device manager).

  q33ny 14:01 10 Jun 2017

Also the time taken between the hitting the power on button to getting the brand name is also extended

I don't think the driver is at fault.

  lotvic 15:17 10 Jun 2017

What sort of BIOS is it? possibly Fast Boot needs enabling.

Enable or Disable Fast Boot in UEFI click here

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