WidowsXP partitioned with WinME

  swapper 08:11 06 Dec 2003

Windows - WinXP Home edition (with SP1).
Processor - AMD Athlon XP1800 + DDR CPU
System Board - EP-8K3A+ AMD KT333, VT8233A DDR2700 UDMA 133/Raid
Memory - 256 MB Samsung PC2700 DDR 333MHZ CL2.5
Video Card - 64MB Gainward GeForce4 Power Pack
MX440 Pro/600TV
Sound Card - AC67 Channel Audio System
Modem - BT Voyager100
Hard Drive - 40GB IBM Deckstar 120GXP ATA100 7200rpm/2MB Cache

Can anyone help me on this one please?

I never use more than 6 gig of the HD.
I have Partion Magic.
I would like to Partion this HD 30gb/10gb gig.

The reason - is that I would like to install WinME on the 10gb partition.
I have WinME tucked away somewhere.

The reason - is that my friend who lives miles away (55) has WinME and is not online.
Files from my Windows Movie Maker and Windows Nedia Player will not work on his WinME (he has earlier versions) which I want to send him (via snail mail).

Does all that make sense?


  leo49 14:09 06 Dec 2003

You can install ME on a second partition with XP already installed using Partition/Boot magic but it will require a little reorganisation.

An alternative approach for you might be to download ME updates to Media and Movie maker from the Windows download catalogue, burn them to disk and mail them to your friend for them to install and update their ME installation.

  hellred 17:52 06 Dec 2003

How will the partion help your friend down the road ?? If you want to download updates etc then do so and burn them to a CD and then give that to your mate. How do you think he can update from your partition on your PC ??

  swapper 08:25 07 Dec 2003

sorry :-((((
I did not make myself clear.

What I want to do is install ME on my PC, in addition to my XP, so that when he has a problem, which is pretty often as he is new to PC's, I may be able to help him out.

I also want to create .wmv files with WindowsME movie maker and send on via snail mail.
My Windows XP Movie Maker .wmv files will not run on his ME.

  swapper 08:28 07 Dec 2003

Leo_49 what a good idea, I never thought about downloading, burning and sending on updates.

I won't be breaking any rules or laws, will I?

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