Widows XP educational/student

  Spock58 07:21 12 Jul 2003

I have struggled to find this software advertised. Anyone know a supplier? Does it still come in an empty box with a piece of paper to send off, or does one get the software first time without the hassle.

  -pops- 08:24 12 Jul 2003

There have been previous threads about this and I've an idea that Windows XP Student doesn't exist.

The XP that comes in a Student Edition is Office XP and that is an upgrade version only.

One of THE main dealers for M$ products is Insight. Have a look there or call them and ask click here


  hssutton 09:30 12 Jul 2003

I thought you may like to read this click here
£70 for Xp pro, academic upgrade.

  the flying monkey 09:52 12 Jul 2003

I got Microsoft Office XP Pro on a student license for £116. If you want a cheap version of Windows XP and you don't mind not having microsoft support, you can purchase an OEM version of Windows XP from Spellsoftware.com. They do it for about half the normal price. you get the full installation disc but as i said you can't contact microsoft for support. I bought this and it's working OK on my computer.

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