Widescreen monitor "stretches" original images.

  bobbyalec 12:26 20 Jun 2013

How do I maintain original proportions when my widescreen monitor stretches the picture? eg My wallpaper picture of a steam locomotive looks far too long!

Thanks in advance for help offered. bobbyalec

  northumbria61 12:46 20 Jun 2013

Try lowering the display settings. If using Windows 7 click on blank area of screen and choose screen resolution.

  Woolwell 13:19 20 Jun 2013

One of the drawbacks of a widescreen monitor. Monitors work best at their native resolution. Instead of choosing fill for the wallpaper select centre. This should get rid of your distortion but leave black areas either side. The alternative is to edit your photo so that it is the correct the size.

  BRYNIT 16:37 20 Jun 2013

Due to the picture not being wide enough it will always stretch. If you have win 7 and don't mind loosing a bit at the top and bottom of the picture, right click on the background and select personalize/desktop background/picture position and select center. You may find similar back ground setting on Xp or vista.

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