Widescreen laptops - any good?

  Mr Alien 14:01 19 Jul 2004

I'm sure this question must have cropped up before, but please help!

I want a new laptop, and a lot of them are now boasting widescreens.

I have heard that when you are gaming, older games stretch as they don't support the wide resolution, (but thats ok as i wont be playing games on it) and I hard that watching DVDs is no different, as a 4:3 screen will just draw black bars above/below to look like a widescreen.

But is it better for doing application work?

Are you gaining width or losing height? (I don't mean in resolution terms, but in actual inches of screen).


  €dstowe 14:12 19 Jul 2004

When MS change the aspect ratio of their operating systems then widescreen monitors will be useful. until then, I would save my money.

  Mr Alien 15:05 19 Jul 2004

i thought that windows could deal wih widescreen resolutions? why would windows need to change?

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