Widescreen Laptops

  3.06ghz 22:15 26 Aug 2005

I plan to get a new laptop. I was wondering if getting a widescreen laptop is a good idea. They sound novel, but are they impractical, ie will the desktop background stretch to cover the screen, and will programs and games beable to stretch? I dont want to get one, if parts of the screen are going to be black and not used

  DieSse 23:02 26 Aug 2005

No - they don't work like TVs!

The display resolution is set to match the number of pixels (dots) on the screen - so the screen is always filled (as long as it's set up correctly!)

  DieSse 23:06 26 Aug 2005

Ps - nothing is actually stretched - but if you have a picture that you want to use as a desktop background, the size of the picture will need to match the screen size, otherwise it will not fill the screen - this is no different to a normal screen - if the picture was long and thin, it wouldn't fit the full screen as a background.

  3.06ghz 19:43 27 Aug 2005

thanks. I was also wondering if a 1.7ghz Pentium M would be more powerful than my current 2.4ghz P4? As 1.7ghz seems to be quite a bit slower, and it also has a slower bus, but it seems to have 4 times more cache.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:51 27 Aug 2005

The Pentium M is more efficient and gets more work done per clock cycle so it is likely to seem a bit faster.

I'm afraid i don't see the point of the wide aspect screen that is now fashionable in laptops as software, games and websites are still designed for the standard 4x3 layout that is still almost universal in desktop PCs.

  3.06ghz 20:01 27 Aug 2005

thanks. I will go for a Pentium M. The P4 mobile seems to be dated now, and the Celeron M is gutless from what i have been told, whilst AMD dont have a truly viable solution, yet.

  Strawballs 20:31 27 Aug 2005

I am running a 15.4" widescreen HP laptop and the only advantage that I have found with having widescreen is watching DVD's if on a long journey with it plugged into the accesory socket in the car also it is an AMD athlon64 3400+ clawhammer chip.

  Stuartli 20:32 27 Aug 2005

The widescreen laptop screen resolutions are listed in this link near the end of the page:

click here

Other similar links in this thread:

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