Wide variation in broadband speed

  alba6 20:35 22 Sep 2008

My Broadband download speed varies from 6.5Mb down to 3-400Kb each day. Generally fast in the mornings and slow in the evenings. I have reported it to Tiscali and have gone through all their tests and suggestions with their telephone 'help' people. They say that they are escalating the problem priority and that their technicians are trying to resolve it.
I have had a series of emails and phone calls to them but nothing happens.
It seems to me that it must be a capacity problem with either Tiscali or BT but I have no way of telling who is at fault.
Any suggestions out there???????????

  CurlyWhirly 19:18 23 Sep 2008

Yes they are traffic shaping/throttling your connection - see click here

  manrow 20:32 23 Sep 2008

You are probably right CurlyWhirly, but if there is a limit to capacity for sheer copper cable reasons then the system is self[regulating by slowing everyone's connection down at peak periods. I am not defending BT who own the copper cable, but in the asbence of their installing fibre optics (or private enterprise doing so) we are all going to suffer aren't we?

  RobCharles1981 22:41 23 Sep 2008


If I was you get your Mac Code and jump ship to a decent ISP.

First off

How do you connect Modem/Router whats the make of it? (I will point you in the right direction to grab your line stats)

Also what does click here say you can get at your exchange?

Post back.


  CurlyWhirly 17:52 24 Sep 2008

"but if there is a limit to capacity for sheer copper cable reasons then the system is self[regulating by slowing everyone's connection down at peak periods"
Yes it could be exchange congestion and so the OP could check click here

When I was with Zen (my old ISP), I rarely got speeds below 2 Mb at peak times.

The only time that I got slower speeds was when the exchange was congested.

  woodchip 18:05 24 Sep 2008

I will go with CurlyWhirly's first post

  ^wave^ 18:09 24 Sep 2008

i was with pipex up untill april this year and iwas so fed up; with the speed variation and 4 bt engineers later and numerous phone calls got a mac code and went to sky so far so very good

  woodchip 18:15 24 Sep 2008

And I went to TalkTalk Best move I ever made Saved Pots of £££££ and at the Same time, Fast BB I am 1.8 miles from Exchange and can get ni on 7Mb on 8Mb connection at top speed and not very often does it drop. Very Rare

  woodchip 18:18 24 Sep 2008

At the Moment I am getting

Download 6320kbps

upload 370kbps

Thats checking click here

  Diemmess 18:23 24 Sep 2008

Aol (for me on my exchange) was very poor May-June
Endless protestations made no difference, but has returned to about 2050 all the time from about 00:01 to around 16:00 when it drops about 50%.

I was exasperated at times, but I only pay for 2mbps and even at half that, pages are still reasonably fast to open, while downloads of files if slow are I think caused by traffic on their domain.

I'm free to leave Aol, but pay so little and find all I need at present.
I'm staying with them until a really reliable provider shows by its reputation that its promises are not greater than its deeds.

  alba6 09:36 07 Oct 2008

After continual email & phone calls Tiscali have admitted thet there is a capacity problem with the BT line to our area. Fix promised within 3 weeks!

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