Wich 8" Tablet to load direct from camera.

  Ex plorer 10:10 19 Sep 2013

Hi my Bro wants to buy a Tablet and be able to load photos from his camera to the Tablet by hard wiring.

8" Tablet. Price under £200, and must be able to pinch and Zoom

That's about all it will get used for, I assume there are apps to give him options to an easy mode where he can change the contrasts etc. of the photos or change to sepia and black and white etc.

Canon camera SX 280HS.

  Woolwell 11:35 19 Sep 2013

He will be able to connect the SD card to a tablet but direct from camera may be difficult.

  Ex plorer 15:20 19 Sep 2013

Hi Woolwell I am doing research as well on this its just some thing totally different for me to get to grips with.

So would he need a Tablet that has an SD slot, or an independent plug in USB reader.

I see that its also possible to use a tablet as a large screen for a camera at least from what I am reading.

Reading reviews etc. would he also be best to buy a Tablet with an expandable memory.

Dose that mean you can pop an external type USB memory into the Tablet for extra storage, or increase the memory within the tablet.

  bumpkin 16:42 19 Sep 2013

No expert on this but have a 10" tablet. I can connect camera via USB cable or put the micro SD from the camera into the SD slot on the tablet. Sd slot can also be used for extra memory. HDMI cable from tablet to big screen if I wish. Cost about £160. You can get cheaper ones for around £120 but I wanted a good screen for a little extra.

  Woolwell 16:47 19 Sep 2013

It depends on the tablet. An iPad does not have a USB connector but you can get an adaptor which reads the sd card. Other tablets have usb ports often of the micro variety and some have sd card readers.

With tablets you get what you pay for and I suggest that he is at the low end of the budget. Have a look at the Samsung models or Nexus.

  bumpkin 17:06 19 Sep 2013

You could look up the spec for my low budget one and see if it will suit your needs. Don't be put off by the name:-)

Ainol Novo10 Hero. I chose it as it uses a Samsung screen.

  Ex plorer 15:49 20 Sep 2013

Thanks all its been a good help.

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