WIA vs TWAIN - Scanning

  john bunyan 16:42 15 Aug 2010

I use two scanners, a Canonscan 8800f for slides etc, and a Canon MP640 for flatbed and printing. I have W7 and have just updated to Photoshop CS5.
I thought I had all the latest drivers, and in CS4 the scanners were using TWAIN, where you can adjust the settings (dpi,image size etc). CS5 only offered the WIA scanner interface, and I can find no way of adjusting the scanner settings.
Having spoken to Adobe, I have now downloaded and installed a plug in that seems to have solved the problem, but am surprised this does not seem to be a general issue - do others use WIA and if so can you adjust the settings?

  john bunyan 16:44 15 Aug 2010

NB. The plug in only works on the 32 bit PS version (64 and 32 bit are installed)

  john bunyan 17:44 16 Aug 2010

Has anyone any comments - will close if not.

  john bunyan 08:32 17 Aug 2010

I can only assume no one has scanning problems!

  jack 08:52 17 Aug 2010

But WIA has kicked in when testing/running kit that needs the support and I had not installed the appropriate software.-
It is simply a basic diver for scanner/camera built into Windows for this purpose- just gives the basic 'get go' for the item without the 'bells and whistles

  jack 08:57 17 Aug 2010

I have an iPodTouch plugged in for charging the battery.
I do not have Apple Store or iTunes on this machine
So Windows keeps coming up to install the device -
Now it says it has done so - but it can only be WIA doing its bit.

  john bunyan 16:10 17 Aug 2010

Fine, what I found is that WIA gives no opportunity to adjust the scanning (dpi,etc) whereas TWAIN does.But Twain is not available with all programmes, eg the latest Photoshop unless you get the plug in.

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