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Wi FI Problem & Subsequent 'Bad Pool Header'

  plewes37 16:16 30 May 2017

Hi all,

Laptop: HP Pavilion DM1

OS: Windows 10

I have been trying to fix a problem with a family member's wi fi not working; I suspected this might just be a faulty Wireless Card as it did not appear but wanted to try a few things first. Tried some basic restarting things, looking in device manager etc. No joy.

I used Driver Talent to make sure the drivers were up to date, and found one or two Wireless related things (Realtek drivers). I installed these, no joy but nothing untoward happened. Notebook has subsequently been turned off and on again and now - Blue screen of death. The error says 'Bad Pool Header'.

I figure this is due to the driver I installed, but I can't get round it. I've tried searching around on forums and here, and the first step seems to be to boot into safemode. But I've tried that, and it goes to the same BSOD. There are also a few fixes that seem to require accessing the PC and running various tests, which I can't do. I can access the command prompt but don't really know what I'm doing when I get to it.

I also tried a System Restore. I get an error saying that it did not complete successfully: 'System Restore failed while restoring the directory from the restore point." There was some more text so if it's useful I could trigger this again.

Any help appreciated on what step to take next, as I'm a bit stuck and just seem to have made things worse!

Many thanks,


  plewes37 10:08 31 May 2017

So I got to the HP Recovery Manager and there's a recovery partition. So I can get in that way.

Although I can't back up my files using the hp recovery manager(it says there is not enough space - and I can't see away of moving them about). So that's where I'm stuck now!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:40 31 May 2017
  1. untick the above answer as your problem isn't solved.

  2. download and make a USB boot media for windows 10 from MS click here

  3. you may have to enter the BIOS (setup) and set it to legacy boot or there may be a key that allows ou to select to boot from the USB.

  4. Boot from the win 10 ISO on the USB and select. Repair your computer from the menu.

  5. go into command prompt and run chkdsk /r/f c: because bad pool header usually means a problem with the hard drive.

  6. when completed exit command prompt and shut down the machine

  7. try a normal reboot and see if it will now get back into windows so you can back up your data.

  8. you could persist with the wifi problem but it may mean checking the connection on the wifi card. its easier to just plug in a wireless usb dongle and use that instead.

  plewes37 10:36 01 Jun 2017

Weird problem - I can't seem to go up and down within the BIOS. It just doesn't work - I can go left and right to look at the different submenus but can't press the up and down arrow keys....

Can't seem to see a specific button anywhere for this online.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:55 01 Jun 2017

Have you number lock caps lock is off?

  plewes37 14:30 01 Jun 2017

Caps lock off and no num lock

Don't really get it (see here: click here

  plewes37 14:30 01 Jun 2017

(actual link, seems to have added the bracket)

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:24 01 Jun 2017

will it move around using the tab key?

  plewes37 19:35 01 Jun 2017

Nope, tab, WASD, F1-12 keys nothing seems to do anything to go up and down but can perform all the other actions.

Can get to a separate boot menu by using F9 but have exactly the same problem, so frustrating.

  q33ny 20:49 03 Jun 2017

Try an external USB KB. And I don't know if you've tried, but after BSOD you should be able to press F8 and get the Safe Mode menu and somewhere below that you have Last Known Good Configuration. That might help. If it works can you post a print screen of your device manager where the wi-fi card is with properties opened at general.

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