ruskle 19:55 14 Jun 2006

Has anyone any experience of using a Wi Fi PDA. I have a HP in mind and wonder which would be the best buy, (around £300). How easily are they to set up to use on a commercial Wi Fi point and to link to my laptop afterwards to Tx email etc.
I don't need a camera, phone , satnav or games. Windows Mobile with email and Explorer would be fine. A 3 year old PDA without Wi Fi has just leapt out of my car window and showered me and a spotty toe rag in glass.

  raeman 16:39 16 Jun 2006

My wife has the HP 2490 seems happy with it.It connects easily to my wireless network and picks up all the neighbours quite happily,email and explorer works fine. It hasn't been used on any commercial wireless networks but it detects them quite happily as expected.To transfer email etc to a laptop there is a piece of software from Microsoft which is included called Active Sync which will sync the PDA with Outlook via USB cable.PDA also has Bluetooth so files can be transferred easily.

  ruskle 20:17 17 Jun 2006

I was about to buy the 4000 series HP but they were out of stock and about £340 so I took your advice and went for the 2490. I am getting used to it now and have transferred my Favourites and contacts and have setup my office and home Wi Fi systems without any trouble. I have located an Openzone site which I use but not connected yet as I didn't need to and also didn't want to waste air time. I am amazed how well it works online. Thanks for your advice, By the way, wagging notes got it for me for £275 with a 256 data card for a tenner.

Cheers ruskle.

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