Wi-Fi network ICS... connects, but no net

  Malaclypse 20:20 02 Jul 2003


I've just bought a couple of wi-fi cards. I've plugged one into my main machine and one into my laptop.
I previously connected the two machines together with a crossover rj45 cable.

Anyway, I can see each machine on the network, and access files as i like.

On the main PC, I've clicked my dial-up connection, and enabled connection sharing. I've also enabled remote machine to control/disconnect the dial-up network.

On my laptop, I can see the 'internet gateway' with my ISP's name. There are barely any options I can use.

When I click Connect, my main PC's modem whirrs and connects me, and I can view the net as usual on the main PC.

However, the laptop sees the gateway as connected, but internet explorer doesn't see the LAN.
It's set to (use dial=up when LAN is not present), and I keep getting my dial-up box when I attempt to go places. This used to work when I had them connected by cat5.

I've tried a few things and searched google for a bit, but I can't see why it isn't working - my firewall's all correctly set (and I've disabled it - makes no difference)

  jazzypop 21:05 02 Jul 2003

Set it to 'never dial up' - it should then automatically try the wireless route.

  Malaclypse 21:27 02 Jul 2003

Thanks but no thanks..

I just tried that. Now when I attempt to go to a webpage it gives me the 'The page cannot be displayed' screen.

I've followed the settings on this microsoft endorsed article pretty accurately

click here

The only different is that rather than have any pc act as a DHCP server, I've assigned the machines (host) and (client)


I really can't see why this isn't working. It must be something simple or stupid, because I've checked most things.
Any other suggestions.. anyone?

  Malaclypse 22:51 02 Jul 2003

After much messing about, I did the 'set up network' wizard on xp, and it fixed it.

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