wi-fi logon to network

  muscic lover 13:31 04 Nov 2005

I have a laptop PC with a wifi card. I used the wi fi connection yesterday to see what happens.... I found a 'free' connection to somebody elses wireless network that was in range.

I asked my lappy to log on to it, It did and my own homepage appeared, so I knew i was connected.

Then after a few seconds I thought that this may be illegal and logged off -honest!

Have i done anything illegal or does this kind of thing happen all the time, and may I have harmed my laptop? also can the owners (who set up the netowrk in the first place) network say who went online?

Do I need to leave the country and live in remote caves to avoid arrest or should I 'fess up to the police?

I dint do anything but log on then about 20 seconds later log off again!

any advice would be welcome!



  Forum Editor 13:39 04 Nov 2005

the feds are onto you as we speak, and I doubt you'll come out of prison this side of the next millennium.

Technically you have indeed committed an offence, but you are unlikely to hear a knock on the door. I move around London most days, and I pick up hundreds of insecure networks - at the moment I'm in a client's office in Notting Hill and I can see seven unsecured networks within range on my laptop. It's a problem that is growing - people don't realise how easy it is for someone else to steal some of their bandwidth, and with wireless routers growing ever more powerful I expect to see the situation get a lot worse before it gets better.

As far as you are concerned......you've been very naughty, and I don't want to hear of any repetition.

  Taff™ 13:51 04 Nov 2005

If the owner happened to be looking in the right place on his router admin they could see who is connected at any one time. If your computer has a recognisable name they might identify you. I have a neighbour "over the road" who has an unsecured network. He knows about it but for a good reason he doesn`t want to secure it. My laptop used to log onto it frequently until I changed the prioritisation in the setup.

Another mate of mine has a wifi laptop but not a BB connection. His neighbour has a router and they came to a 50/50 deal on the Broadband connection - Win/win situation.

  Dipso 23:36 04 Nov 2005

Your post is a refreshing change. At least you are owning up. I sometimes see posts on here where the poster clearly knows they are connecting to a local unsecured network but still carry on using it anyway.

OK, what you did was a bit naughty, you know that now, but if your neighbour hasn't the sense to secure the wireless network, I wouldn't think they would know how to trace you.

  VoG II 23:43 04 Nov 2005

Take care click here

  muscic lover 01:33 05 Nov 2005

thanks guys!

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