wi fi connections to TV

  scrumhalf 18:13 14 Nov 2014

how do I connect wirelessly from my PC to my Panasonic viera TV my IP is PlusNet. the TV displays all the relevant PlusNet details when network page is opened Thanks

  rdave13 18:17 14 Nov 2014

Usually the tv will ask for the wireless key to connect to the internet. Same as a laptop would. Does it show the connection? Select connect then it will ask for the wireless network key (password).

  scrumhalf 18:28 14 Nov 2014

thanks for your reply rdave13, I will try your suggestion later thanks again

  rdave13 18:40 14 Nov 2014

PS. on my TV you get a choice of Ethernet or wireless connection and have to select the wireless one.

  john bunyan 18:49 14 Nov 2014

I found that in a room where I get 7 mbps wi fi on a laptop, I got less than 1 mbps on the wi fi TV (A LG ). In the end I used homeplugs. I suspect some TV's have poor wireless cards.

  rdave13 19:02 14 Nov 2014

john bunyan I agree with you, hence I bought a 15m Ethernet cable and carefully wired it up to the TV, on top of the skirting boards and one set of architraves. Cost seven squids if I remember rightly. Internet fine but the so called 'smart' CPU leaves a lot to be desired .

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