wi fi connection for tablet

  smeni 12:46 16 Feb 2013

I have a dell pc and Acer lap top, and an 18 month old TP Link modem/router. Never been able to get Acer wifi, and used ethernet to connect to internet. Recently acquire Samsung Galaxy Tab, wifi ok in UK, but bringing it to Portugal, realised I would have to get wifi up and running here. After two weeks and IP provider phone calls, various web site advises, I managed to get a link, albeit manually, by getting LAN connection, then broadband connection on computer. But of course tab doesn't connect to IP, only to LAN. I am obviously missing the point as far as the mode/router set up is concerned, but cannot see how - IP provider wasn't able to help and gave up on me after half an hour on phone to him! How do I connect IP and LAN automatically?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:14 16 Feb 2013

model of tp link router?

Anything here?

  smeni 10:37 17 Feb 2013

yes I have got all that, model is TP Link TD W8961ND ROUTER/MODEM

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:09 17 Feb 2013

to connect the tab to te wireless network

Press MENU < SETTINGS < WIRELESS & NETWORKS < WI-FI SETTINGS and then select WI-FI to turn in on. Next, choose your network, enter the password and press CONNECT.

To connect to the internet via the wireless net work see here

  smeni 13:01 17 Feb 2013

yes, I can do that on Tab, but because I cannot get a direct wi fi link to internet, it gives me answer "network error". What I want is how to get modem/router to connect direct to internet and not have to manually connect to internet via lap top as I am doing now. If I can get that to happen, I suspect Tab will connect directly to internet as well. I have obviously done something wrong on set up but I don't know what.

  Ventad 13:08 17 Feb 2013

Just a chance that the router is on "N" only if so try changing to "B.G.& N" and give that a try.

  smeni 11:53 18 Feb 2013

no, router was on B G & N. Still getting "network error" on Tab

  mgmcc 12:02 18 Feb 2013

"What I want is how to get modem/router to connect direct to internet and not have to manually connect to internet via lap top as I am doing now"

It is the function of the Modem/Router to establish the internet connection and, if it has been configured correctly, should do this automatically when powered on. Then, any devices that connect to the router, whether by ethernet cable or "wirelessly", should have internet access. You should not be having to connect from the Laptop.

Check the Router's settings again.

  Woolwell 13:06 18 Feb 2013

"bringing it to Portugal" but ok in Uk. I gather that the router is in Portugal and stays there is that correct?

  lotvic 13:43 18 Feb 2013

Page 85 of Galaxy tab manual:

Connect to a Wi-Fi AP with a protected setup You can connect to a secured AP with a WPS button or WPS PIN. To use this method, your wireless access point (that means your Router) must have a WPS button.

Connect with a WPS button

In the application list, select

1 Settings, Wi-Fi.

2 Select an AP indicated as a protected network, and then select 'Show advanced options'

3 Select the WPS drop-down menu.

4 Select Push button Connect.

5 Press the WPS button on the AP within 2 minutes.

(note: AP = your Router) other options are on next pages of Galaxy 10.1 WiFi Manual.pdf

  Ventad 14:59 18 Feb 2013

By what you have written you are using your laptop to connect directly to the Internet provider as you would when picking up the internet at a hot spot

Have you got the Internet providers URL set up in TRO69 Management on the router? ( TR-069 is a WAN management protocol. A bidirectional SOAP/HTTP based protocol it provides the communication between the ADSL router and an Auto Configuration Server (ACS).

And have you enabled the DHCP Server in the LAN SETUP on the router if so you should be able to see your laptop and tablet in the DCHP TABLE with its local IP Address along with its MAC address, example:-

IPAD 192..1.5 **:AB:A7:95:D0: Auto

Laptop 192..1.6 **:cb:A3:95:BG: Auto

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