Wi-Fi connection possibly compromised!!!!

  wids001 06:56 03 Jun 2010

I think my wi-fi connection may have been compromised. I am running windows 7 with my internet connection wi-fi security WEP enabled. However, the past week or so when I get up in the early hours the lights on my cable modem and router are flashing none stop! On no occasion have any computers been on in the house so I thought that someone else might be accessing my connection. Sunday I changed my password and up until this morning everything seemed okay, until again at 3am the lights were flashing again.

Is there anyway to check what is being accessed. I did swich my computer on this morning and check "available connections". Mine came up as security enabled, but there was one other that I have never seen before on there.

Does anyone have any suggestion etc.

Thanks in advance

  rawprawn 07:02 03 Jun 2010

It would be better to use WPA security on your router, WEP is easily hacked.
However the flashing lights on your router in the middle of the night could simply be that it is updating it's software. For example BT updates routers during the night.

  mooly 07:34 03 Jun 2010

I agree, flashing lights are normal at all times of the day and night, certainly on my BT Hub.

As to seeing other networks, you probably will. I can see at least 3 others, 2 are WEP and one WPA PSK which is also what I use.

  BRYNIT 08:04 03 Jun 2010

You could try logging onto your router setup and look under DCHP client list. This should list all computers connected to your router.

  martjc 08:57 03 Jun 2010

...its perfectly normal for your router/modem to flash incessantly at any and all times.

  Forum Editor 10:04 03 Jun 2010

Unless you have the black, curved BT hub - the one with blue lights on the front.

That will only ever have one flashing light. It will be orange, and will only ever flash when its firmware is being updated, That will happen late at night, so most people never see it.

In normal operation no lights will flash at all.

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