Wi-Fi confusion!

  emmos 15:40 05 Oct 2003

Thr more I read about wi-fi networking the more confused I become,I have a laptop, a pc with ethernet socket and a bt adsl modem, I want to connect to the pc with cable and to the laptop via a wireless connection using the faster 802.11g, what do I need to do this to get the best results. Dave

  AubreyS 15:44 05 Oct 2003

Hi Dave. You will need an adsl modem with an ethernet connection on the nback of it, The standard BT Voyager 100 won't do. I bought the D-Link DSL-300G.

  emmos 15:52 05 Oct 2003

The adsl modem I have is a green thing by alcatel using usb connection. Dave

  LastChip 16:11 05 Oct 2003

Don't confuse your ADSL modem with networking. They are two independent systems, although, interrelated.

Your ADSL modem is connected via the USB port in the normal manner.

For a simple system, all you need is a suitable wireless card in each machine, but make sure they are compatible with each other. If possible, use the same manufacturer. click here

You can use this link to find alternative methods of connection too.

Set up the network first, so that each machine can see the other. Then if required, set up internet connection sharing (ICS), to enable you to use the internet on each machine. For this method, you will need the computer connected to the modem to be on, whenever you wish to access the internet via your laptop.

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