Wi-Fi across a school

  Rabi 19:07 04 May 2012


If this has been asked, and answered, my apologies, but I could not find when I did a search, I hope I used the right search criteria.

So here goes:

We, group of missionaries, have taken it upon ourselves to provide a local school with Wi-Fi. Have looked at many small Wi-Fi repeaters, and our conclusion is that to cover fully the school premises, we would need about 20 of these Wi-Fi repeaters. Not sure this is the way to go about it.

School is set on 1acre land. Set as a Quadrangle, with an empty area in the middle. Height differs, 1 Block has 2 floors, 1 other has 3 blocks, and the other has 4 floors.

Population of 450 students and staff. Computer Classroom with 30 PC's. Between 10-20 other PC's and laptops scattered amongst the staff around the school.

Internet provided by ADSL. Wi-Fi required to cover the whole Quadrangle, and on all floors.

Is there a simple (no tower construction...) and more cost-effective way, than buying 20 small repeaters to extend the signal?


  difarn 15:40 06 May 2012

It is very difficult to give advice on this without actually seeing the buildings in order to work out the actual requirements and any obstacles that have to be overcome.

May I suggest that you ask a local PC shop that makes purpose-built PC's and systems if they could give you some on-site advice.

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