Wi Fi

  MaltaSteve 20:46 28 Oct 2009

Hi all. I have nevr used Wi Fi before but am thinking of doing so with Virgin Media. Does anyone know how much slower wi fi is than wired, and how often [ if at all ] the connection is lost. The computer will be about 20m from the router with 3 or 4 walls inbetween, and using the wireless 'n'. Thanks.

  malgall 20:50 28 Oct 2009

your wireless n router will be faster than your

what kind of speed will you get

  ArrGee 20:51 28 Oct 2009

With 3 or 4 walls there will be a significant drop in your connection. The exact diifference can't be stated as it depends on the structure of the walls and many other factors, such as the use of digital/cordless phone handsets, other electrical equipment in the vicinity and also how many other Wi-Fi neighbours you have.

  ArrGee 20:54 28 Oct 2009

Oh, and even with wireless N, 20m can be quite a task. I'm currently using two wireless N routers (one as a jumper station) in a two-floor house.

  lotvic 20:57 28 Oct 2009

It's a bit like 'mobile phones' the signal from pc to router varies dependant on what obstacles the signal has to travel through.

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