Why wouldn't router connect to internet?

  Pineman100 18:02 12 Oct 2008

It probably seems strange to ask for advice about a problem that's already solved, but I want to try and understand what happened.

This morning, I switched on my XP desktop and my wife switched on her Vista laptop. Both connected wirelessly to our Belkin 54G router, but neither of us could get an internet connection. I checked by phone with our ISP (Tiscali) who reported no service problems. The router was showing all the usual green lights (power, wireless and isdn) and I had not previously installed any new software, or done anything that could have affected the router

I fiddled and faffed around fairly blindly, and eventually I switched off both computers, then pulled out the power plug on the router for a couple of minutes (I usually leave it on 24/7).

I then powered up the router again, and when all the green lights were back on, I switched on my computer. Bingo! All was well.

But I'd be very grateful if anyone could tell me exactly what caused this problem. I hate fixing things without understanding them!

  ambra4 18:13 12 Oct 2008

Take a read on How Modems Work on a public network system

click here

By resetting your modem at home will reset the modem at the exchange

  Pineman100 18:58 12 Oct 2008

Thanks for that, ambra4, but having read through all the sections, I'm still not sure of what happened during my problem (I'm probably being thick).

Are you saying that the equipment in the phone exchange could have been at fault, rather than some rogue setting on my router?

  Daveboy 22:57 12 Oct 2008

It sounds as though you experienced a "stale session". whereby your ISP connection had effectively been terminated but not in a timely way. Re-booting the router usually cures this.

  ambra4 03:03 13 Oct 2008

It is sometimes desirable to reboot the router by Power it off and back on by removing the power cable if you cannot access the Internet or find that access is very slow this will allow the router to refresh the setting from your ISP servers

You can also check the following setting on the router, as a glitch on the phone line will cause the modems to disconnect and not sync with the exchange modem

Keep Alive: On

User Idle Timeout: Change from 0 to 4320

  Pineman100 11:32 13 Oct 2008

Thanks to you both.

ambra4 - I've searched thoroughly but I can't find those settings in my router's control panel. Can you please suggest under what heading they might appear? I have the following headings with various sub-headings underneath them:-

LAN setup
Internet WAN

  ambra4 22:02 13 Oct 2008

Check in the Internet WAN section

  Pineman100 09:05 14 Oct 2008

OK will do. Thanks very much, ambra4.

  Pineman100 17:39 14 Oct 2008

Well, I've hunted in every corner of my router's control panel, and I just can't find those two settings.

Anyway, I think I've taken up enough of your time, so I'll just have to accept the router setup as it stands, and restart it if things go wrong again.

Many thanks to you and Daveboy for your time and your help.

  ambra4 19:53 14 Oct 2008

Always glad to help


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