Why would PC a reboot & PC b does exactly same?

  Chegs ® 20:39 04 Sep 2005

My daughters PC has given several years of reliable service,always ready for her to access(on 24/7)Recently,it has taken a major liking to starting to boot,then (no POST beep)just restarting boot within seconds.If left,it will do this repeatedly.If I lay it on its side,it will boot up no problem.

PC Specs...

K7VZA mobo

Duron 1.0Ghz CPU

512Mbs PC133 RAM

Ti4600 Graphics Card

15Gb Maxtor HDD

Quantum 15Gb HDD

Pinnacle RAVE TV card

D-Link 530TX NIC

Earlier,I took its HDD's and its TV card and put them into my other tower.

PC Specs...

Epox mobo(unsure of its ID)

512Mbs PC133 RAM

AMD Athlon 1.3Ghz CPU

D-Link 530TX NIC(different one)

PC booted up OK,detected new hardware,then click! off it went.Switched it back on,and it is now doing exactly the same thing as the K7VZA.Took TV card out,removed Quantum HDD,left one stick of RAM(swapped them over and tried again)but it boots to desktop,then switches straight off.

Checked hardware,nothing getting hot.It has me totally baffled as to why it (K7VZA) started doing this,and freaked me right out when the Epox started doing exactly the same(other than it making no difference if I lay the Epox on its side)

Any clues as to where to look to rectify this problem?

  mattyc_92 20:44 04 Sep 2005


  Chegs ® 20:47 04 Sep 2005

Nope,AVG installed.Was a major hassle keeping PC running long enough to update it,but got there eventually.

  jack 20:47 04 Sep 2005

Could it be an ailing HDD, this seems to be the only significant item that was swapped!
Looks look she will have to do her home work laying down on her side.[daughter and PC]
Coming back to reality - a dodgy connector then?

  mattyc_92 20:47 04 Sep 2005


  Chegs ® 20:50 04 Sep 2005

OS is XP Pro.

I thought of a failing HDD,and was just about to go try another.(only its only 2.1Gbs,so dunno if XP will fit on it)

  howard60 20:56 04 Sep 2005

it would seem to be a loose connection try lifting out all the main cables from the power supply and then pushing them fully in.

  Chegs ® 21:13 04 Sep 2005

Just left the one HD(got the OS on it)Thought I had sussed it,was just reinstalling the TV card driver,when click! off again.

  Chegs ® 10:00 05 Sep 2005

I have managed to get it to stay on long enough to check the Device Mgr.There is an ! beside "Via Bus IDE Controller" and trying to reinstall this driver from mobo driver disc,it requests a reboot.On arrival at the desktop,the "Found new Hardware" wizard fires up,then the PC locks up.I am going to try reinstalling XP afresh,adding mobo drivers,and see if it works correctly.

  Chegs ® 10:19 05 Sep 2005

10 minutes into reinstall,the PC went off again.I have tried each HD alone and both together.I have changed the GC from Ti4600 to GF2Mx and back again.

I formatted the HD before attempting reinstall,so there is no possibility of a driver/software conflict.

  griffon 56 12:54 05 Sep 2005

Hi Chegs,
This ramble might not be any good but taking it step by step, it looks as tho' the fault must lie in the HDD on which you had the original OS. It can't be the BIOS or power supplies because it happened on two different machines with two different mobos and supplies. You transferred the fault with the HDD.

Incidentally, there is contention about whether it is wise to leave a computer on 24/7 and the last professional advice I saw recommended that it was switched off when not in use. The reasoning was that even at a relatively low temperature continuous hot soaking can cause all kinds of faults to develop, like insulation breakdown and accelerated ageing of components. Have you tried a sequential build/operate, with just the mobo, HDD and graphics to begin with, building up the hardware complement until you get the failure? You could try the same with programs which start at switch on, reducing to just explorer and systray to begin with and building up. Grasping at straws, but good luck.

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