why won't this page centre in browser?

  mco 23:19 09 Jan 2006

All the pages I've done in the site I'm making have been marked 'centre in browser' - in NOF7 - and they all are - except the newest one, which won't play ball! I've checked that the box 'centre in browser' is ticked - I've even unticked it and then ticked it again (as that sometimes works!) but still no joy. I've looked at the html source code and I can't see anything different from the other pages, but I'm not over familiar with html so maybe someone else can spot something. So why is it stuck? The site is click here and the offending page is click here

  mco 08:04 10 Jan 2006

thanks adeh - will try your suggestion G of IP -when I am back home tonight.

  mco 18:15 10 Jan 2006

It won't let me edit this bit of html in the NOF html view!

  mco 19:28 10 Jan 2006


  mco 19:53 10 Jan 2006

When I save it in notepad the bit I want comes out as 'custom 3' or something, rather than the actual code that the Ghost of Inept Pig suggested I delete.

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