Why won't Outlook Express download my mail?

  Red Devil 21:53 13 Oct 2006

Hi all,

I'm having a real problem with Outlook Express where it is steadfastly refusing to download mail from my pop3 account. The problem only started 3-4 days ago, before which OE has pretty much worked for years with no real problems.

When I click on send/receive, OE hangs on the part where it is receiving the list of messages from the server and will not actually download any messages. No matter how long I keep the send/receivve dialogue open it just will not download my mail. On the - very - rare occasions that it gets past this bit I then get an error telling me that one of the messages cannot be accessed.

Yet Opera can access the pop3 account and download my messages and so can Thunderbird.

Any suggestions as to why OE has suddenly started refusing to download mail?


  Red Devil 22:01 13 Oct 2006

When I downloaded the mail with Opera there were no attachments larger than 150Kb.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:04 13 Oct 2006

OE Freezing
Disable AVG by right clicking the icon and selecting close - i can't remember the exact wording but you see and option to close the shield or something.

If OE now opens OK you need to clear out loads of rubbish from your folders. Basically AVG is scanning all the folders every time OE opens and if you have loads of attachments (esp big pics) it can cause OE to hang as it times out whilst waiting for AVG to finish scanning. Once you have deleted all can afford to loose empty the deleted items and then File, Folder, Compact All Folders.

Reboot and OE should be OK whilst AVG is running. Just remember that you need to make sure you don't build up loads of old mail in your OE.

remarkably common problem with AVG and OE.

  Red Devil 22:10 13 Oct 2006

I am currently running AVG but the 2-3 days prior to this I was running NAV and still getting the problem where OE would hang when trying to download my mail.

  Red Devil 22:11 13 Oct 2006

If my SMTP and POP3 settings were corrupted then wouldn't Thunderbird and Opera also have problems trying to access the account?

  Red Devil 23:07 13 Oct 2006

Ok, I've managed to get OE to download all the mail that was sitting on my POP3 account - by logging into my POP3 account at my ISP's mail panel and physically deleting the 800+ spam messages that had accumlated over the last 4 days!!!

So it seems I've been sent so much spam that OE has spat it's dummy out for some reason or other.

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