Why won't Netscape/Firefox run my animated gifs?

  Kalitechnis 10:35 16 Jun 2004

Please can anyone tell me why Netscape or Firefox won't run my website's animated gifs?

[url=click here]my site[/url]

I have tried taking them out of the preload list, as I figured this might have been the reason, but it made no difference.
As far as I can see, they should work. There are quite a few as you can see, and a few do in fact (occasionally) work. The expanding bordered white box that is the first part of the sequence(timeline) works without fail. Of the rest, it is the final frames of each that are shown.

If you look at the site with Opera or IE (on which they work perfectly). I think/hope you will agree they are not mindless annoyances, but integral to the opening sequence of the "portfolio", and add a touch of class.

I have set the (Netscape) image preferences to accept all images, and "animated images should loop as many times as specified", though they are set to run only once.

By the way, I am using a PC, and created the site in Dreamweaver MX.

Any elucidation about this would be very much appreciated. While not vital (after all the images are shown), it does spoil the effect of the images appearing out of nowhere.

Many thanks,

  tomleady 13:49 16 Jun 2004

which are your animated gifs?

in firefox and netscape everything seems to work fine.

i really need to understand how differnt browsers work, and why they do silly things like this!

  Kalitechnis 14:01 16 Jun 2004


Thanks for your reply..

Look in IE or Opera and all will be revealed! (hopefully)

OK, I'll tell you-on that (opening) page of the "portfolio", all the buttons and thin images are animated gifs.

Sure, they show, but only as static images (the last frame of each.

As I say check it out in IE or Opera.



  tomleady 14:26 16 Jun 2004

everything is staying the same for me!

the long thin images arnt moving. thats in IE, and Avant Browser.


  Kalitechnis 14:45 16 Jun 2004


What are you saying..screech! (I've actually myself just redone the whole site, before I had the images cascading in using timelines, but the overall navigation was not good, so had to rethink.

And while I would like to use Flash (I can't get to grips with it just yet), so I decided on animated gifs. (First use)
Te images actually just fade in from the white background, as though appearing out of nowhere. (there is no motion)

Can you see the opening animation-the expanding, then vibrating, bordered white rectangle which starts off the timeline? That at least is curiously always shown on my Netscape.

Which OS are you using? Or is it a Mac?

I thought I had checked it out on a Mac in an internet cafe- must go back and check again!

I just cannot believe this! So much time and effort spent and everything seems fine then others don't get to see your fine work as it should be seen, after all! Because of browser /OS differences..I might just go back to painting!!

thanks for your input..please let me know your OS etc.

Many thanks

Peter (K)

  Kalitechnis 18:44 16 Jun 2004

The reason for the huge amount of gifs must be because I have them all set to preload on the first page and all the rellevant gifs for each other page to be preloaded again, just in case..it's probably a bad move, and I may change it. But I too have only dial-up and I find the pages load in an acceptable time-less than 30 secs.

Anyway, this site is aimed purely at potential employers, as I am looking for work in CG, and all their connections are bound to be broadband, which I know loads the pages nicely.

Thanks for your input all the same.


  Kalitechnis 18:46 16 Jun 2004

Oh, and BTW, thanks for the compliment, fourm member


  kev.Ifty 23:30 18 Jun 2004

Hello Friend
just looked at your website with IE6,Avant and NetScape7 and could see no difference in any, apart from NetScape which seemed to load slightly quicker{1 second perhaps?} and the text at the bottom "websites & all artwork"etc.. is smaller
Hope this is of some use
Cheers Kev

  Kalitechnis 08:08 19 Jun 2004


Thanks for taking a look...but are you sure they were the same (IE and Avant will be, as Avant is really IE with a different face)

All the images & buttons on the opening page should "fade" (fairly repidly I must say)in from the white background (apart from the thin maroon border). There is no "animation" as such-ie movement.


I'm sure that Netscape does not show these

  PurplePenny 13:11 19 Jun 2004

.... what you mean!

I looked in IE and Opera first so that I knew what I was supposed to be seeing and then Mozilla. The very first box (the outline that opens out from a square to the rectangle) did animate but the others just appeared without fading in.

No idea why though.... :-(

Moz did load more quickly than the others ... maybe because it wasn't loading the other frames of the animaltion.


  Falkyrn 13:32 19 Jun 2004

One possible culprit is adblocking

In firefox without adblocking everything worked fine the first time I viewed the site.

I then tried Avant which had adblocking on by default and no animated buttons (or anything) on screen.

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