why wont my printer print

  nutty norm 23:43 07 May 2014

I have picasa 2 printer program, I ask it to print my photos and it just will not print and when I look on the see whats printing list it isn't there I wonder what is happening, windows 7 Nutty norm

  wee eddie 01:57 08 May 2014

Is the printer switched on and properly installed on your computer?

  Ian in Northampton 08:57 08 May 2014

Other than Picasa, does your printer print OK? If yes: have you checked that Picasa is pointing to the correct default printer?

  nutty norm 12:10 17 May 2014

I have tried all the answers you gave me and it still does not work, I have looks in Devices & Printers and is does say it is set as the default printer, any more suggestions, in despair I have put on fast stone image viewfinder, its funny why its not working because I never had any trouble with this program in the past, nutty norm any more suggestions would be grateful, nutty norm

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