Why won't my PC power up?

  stoner 18:14 16 Apr 2003

I think I might have blown my motherboard (not sure why?) but have bought a new PSU (300W) and carefully made all the connections but nothing happens when I switch on and there doesn't even appear to be voltage coming out of the other end of my new PSU!
Perhaps it's faulty?

  doctor-al 18:47 16 Apr 2003

Have you tried your power point to see it's ok and checked yer fuses

  stoner 19:11 16 Apr 2003

yes, it even hums but none of the cables coming out into the tower appear to be live,

  slimbo51 19:33 16 Apr 2003

Sugest u check ur ram sticks are located down properly.

If the primary stick in slot 0/1 is not seated will give the impression of no power as the system will not boot.

Also check graphic is in as well (AGP cards are well known for looking like their in far enough when in fact they are only making on first set of contacts)

Not saying its any or all of these probs but well worth checking before u spend any lolly.

Good luck.

  stoner 20:09 16 Apr 2003

thanks for this slimbo51, but I have a volt stick which I am waving about inside the tower but its not registering any voltage, anywhere.
The ram sticks and graphic card are firmly in as well.
I'm thinking the electronics in the PSU are waiting for a signal from the motherboard before it kicks in.

  topdraw 21:23 16 Apr 2003

Check if you have a voltage selector on the back of your psu.

  JimT 22:28 16 Apr 2003

Is the cable to the floppy connected the right way round?

  Offline 22:34 16 Apr 2003

The PSU won't power up if there is a problem, try it with just your mainboard connected & your hard drives, fans etc disconnected, and I once spent some time fault finding and later realised I had not connected the power button.

  MPete 22:58 16 Apr 2003

Learned the hard way. That power cable that comes out of the wall to the computer. The d shaped plug on the computer end? Is that the cable that came with the power supply? If not change it to the one that did come with it or use a different cable. There is a tiny switch inside that receptical somtimes that if the plug does not fit perfectly it will not make a connection and one other problem is the width of the prongs varies from manufacture to manufacture. Find a cable that works with that power supply.

  stoner 07:42 17 Apr 2003

Offline, what do you mean "not connected the power button"?

Is this some little button I haven't seen yet?

  MPete 07:52 17 Apr 2003

New computers juat have one powerbutton located on the front the wires that go to the motherboard. Your not telling us everything here. Does the fan in the power supply work? Do you have the reset button power on button mixed up? Wiring wise.
Push the reset button and see if it starts up if that's the case it will.
Did you just change the power supply and now it don't work? If that's the case check that cord man. The main power cord. I've had that problem with a few different computers.

Put the old power supply in does it work still? There is a fuse in some power supplies but if it's new I think I'd just bring it back and get a new one. Once you open it you can't return it.

You may have a dud. It's possible. I'd say the main power cord though.

If you just changed the power supply you would not have had to hook up the power button. It's part of the case. You only have to worry about that if your building from scratch or working with a old 486 type machine.

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