why won't my new RAM work

  Not a Scooby 17:29 27 Jan 2005

Help! Have I bought the wrong RAM..

I have a Advent PC running a 3.06GHZ P4, with an SIS-661 mainboard.

I currently runn PC2700 DDR RAM whihc came with the unit so that works. I tried to upgrade it thinking more RAM is a good thing. I looked on the internet and bought 1GHZ RAM. I have installed it but the PC won't start up, at all. Putting the old RAM back in works fine...

I bought Corsair XMS DDR P3700 matched memmory sticks (TwinX)... Have I bought the wrong thing.. CAn anyone help...


Not a Scooby

  Noelg23 17:33 27 Jan 2005

sorry did u say PC3700? I didnt think you could get PC3700 but PC3200 yeah...and maybe thats the problem...have a look at your motherboard manual and it should tell you the highest amount of RAM it can take and the speed (ie PC2700, PC3200,etc) but not PC3700!!!

  Not a Scooby 18:38 27 Jan 2005

Yup, its 3700. I double checked. Maybe that's the problem. DOn't remember getting a motherboard manuel though. Is there a way to check without a manuel in case I can't find it??

  Totally-braindead 18:41 27 Jan 2005

click here and see what is compatible with your PC, it'll also tell you maximum memory allowed

  Kegger 18:42 27 Jan 2005

click here this is the spec of your board half way down page tells you RAM to use

  Noelg23 18:44 27 Jan 2005

do a google search for Belarc...this will check your system and give you the result of what you on your PC...such as CPU, mobo, RAM, just about everything including how many users are your on PC!!...give it a try and that should do it...otherwise search for your motherboard online and check there...

  Totally-braindead 18:47 27 Jan 2005

Kegger are you sure this is the motherboard in the Advent PC Scooby has?

  Maughan 18:50 27 Jan 2005

I recently bought a 512 MB DDR module to upgrade from my existing 256 MB.

I had a few problems with the system recognising the new RAM, and even not recognising either module when I switched the module positions around.

In the end, the problem was simply that I had not seated the new module properly in the slot, despite the white end clips having appeared to be engaged. The fix was simple. While supporting the motherboard firmly from behind, I just pressed the modules in really hard (including a few wiggles in and out to "loosen" the slot) and then made sure the clips were totally engaged.

As soon I learned not to be so delicate with it all, it went in fine and all the RAM was recognised.

Don't get a hammer out (!), but perhaps you have not been firm enough...?

  Kegger 18:58 27 Jan 2005

He said he has a 'SIS-661 mainboard' which i searched on and found the link

  Totally-braindead 19:14 27 Jan 2005

Kegger that means nothing, the SIS-661 is on lots of motherboards not just the link you found for example click here. Look at Maughans post as its possible this is the problem.

  Not a Scooby 19:15 27 Jan 2005

Ok, so I have l sightly over speced with the 3700 by the sound of it. I pushed it in the slots well and the clips pushed up nicely so I don't think it was that...

Anyone want to buy some 3700 RAM!!!?????

Thanks for all the responses....

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