why wont it work???

  Gilly67 19:00 11 Aug 2006

I will start at the beginning,My athlon xp2600 fell over so i changed the hard drive,that wasnt it so i thought i would upgrade a little. I have bought e new mobo and processer heat sink and fan (pre assembled) from a reputable ebay seller. All memory has been checked on differnt mobo and is fine,however when i turn it on there is no post beep and no display, the green light comes on the mobo and the fan runs,pc turns on and off fine. Any ideas? ASUSP5P800VM mobo and intel fan and heatsink with 775 pin p4 2.8ghz. Ebay seller has only 7day return policy do you guys think its faulty?

  Audeal 19:03 11 Aug 2006

Try another Graphics Card. This is indicated by the fact you have no display.

  Gilly67 19:42 11 Aug 2006

On board graphics.

  phono 19:48 11 Aug 2006

Are the items new or second hand, if second hand try resetting the CMOS, with power off of course, and see if you have any luck then.

Do you have any display with only the CPU, RAM and onboard video and nothing else connected?

  phono 19:55 11 Aug 2006

Just another thought, do you have all the required power connectors fitted?

I see from the specs is has the following:

20-pin ATX Power connector 4-pin ATX 12V Power connector

Both must be connected.

  gudgulf 19:57 11 Aug 2006

First thing to do is check whether you have connected the extra 4 pin 12v connector (sqare shaped) needed by the P4 cpu.It wont boot if that isn't connected.

Otherwise it could possibly be a short circuit from the motherboard to the
case via one of the risers ....try building the motherboard/one stick of RAM/CPU and fan on an insulated pad outside of the case.

Connect up the monitor, power supply and on/off switch......no need for a hard drive or anything else.

When you switch on it should go through POST and stop when it can't find an operating system.

  Gilly67 23:28 11 Aug 2006

Brilliant!! I have beeping,hard drive spinning and above all vision....that says bad bios checksum. installed the support cd, reads the file tells me its completed then asks me to power down. Power on again same thing,

  Gilly67 23:31 11 Aug 2006

forgot to say it was the extra 4 pin 12v connector!

  User-312386 23:32 11 Aug 2006

you say you have beeping

How many beeps do you get?

  Gilly67 23:59 11 Aug 2006

it beeped once after i powered up after connecting the 4 pin connector. It doesnt beep on startup now.

  phono 00:08 12 Aug 2006

What exactly do you have connected?

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