Why won't Firefox open any windows?

  judyl68 22:16 11 May 2011

All of a sudden for the last few days Firefox will open tabs but won't open any windows. A lot of websites require a window to open but nothing is working...if I go on EBAY and click "enlarge" under a picture, nothing happens. Its the same if I go on a website like SUPAPRICE...it shows all the items, but when I click on them to view them or if I click on "go to store", nothing happens. I've got a button on my FF browser to share stuff on FB but even that wont work but it normally opens a window. Also I'm having trouble with the search engine (which I have set to default Google)...sometimes it will work and sometimes I click on it and nothing happens. When this occurs, I have to use the Yahoo search engine in my Yahoo toolbar. I'm using Windows 7 and Firefox 3.6.17. I don't want to upgrade to Firefox 4 cos I've heard so many bad things about it. I'd appreciate any help you can give me to sort this out.

  judyl68 22:24 11 May 2011


  judyl68 23:27 11 May 2011

Thanks for the advice 124, but another problem I forgot to mention is that if I try to right click on FILE, EDIT,VIEW,HISTORY, BOOKMARKS, TOOLS or HELP, the box doesn't appear properly..all I get is an outline at the right hand side and bottom of the box, and I can't see the words in the box. Same thing happens if I highlight any words and I can't see COPY, PASTE, SELECT etc. so I can't try your advice cos I can't see the word OPTIONS. I just don't know what to do.

  Technocrate 07:02 17 May 2011

Inability of Firefox to unload the Webpages may be just that it takes too long a period to load the pages giving you the appearance of a hang. It can also be stuck with what is known as “infinite loop” from which it can not come out, due to a badly coded Java script. These can be managed by closing the site that caused the problem or disabling JavaScript but website may not work without JavaScript. A poorly designed website could also make the Firefox hang and prevent from loading WebPages. Similarly, if Firefox hangs due to a plugin in the site with Java, Flash or Adobe the problem could lie in the associated plugin. get more help and information http://browser.iyogi.com/firefox/firefox-not-loading-pages.html hope this helps you.

  judyl68 21:11 17 May 2011

Thanks Technocrate,

I managed to resolve the issues a couple of days ago...it was a Firefox add-on that was causing the problems. I put FF into Safe Mode and didn't have any issues so I reverted to "normal" FF and diabled the add-ons one by one, restarting the computer each time. Eventually I found the add on that was causing the problems and deleted it.

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