Why won't DVDs play!?!?!

  blackstorm2k 22:42 08 Jun 2004

Hi ppl,

Am running Win XP pro
480W Antec TrueBlue PSU
P4 3.0Ghz
Intel D865GBFL Motherboard
512MB 400Mhz DDR RAM
Geforce FX 5900 XT
30GB Seagate E-IDE Hardrive
Soundblaster Live! 5.1 Digital Soundcard

Just upgraded my PC, and everything works great! Apart from one thing - my DVD player, which refuses to play DVDs (however it runs CDs etc fine). I've tried using WinDVD (came with DVD player) and Windows Media player and they both crash when I try to play a DVD. They come up with that annoying 'Programme has encountered an error and must close' message.

Now this is not a new DVD player, I've had it ages and it's always worked just fine. But when I upgraded my PC I had to format my harddrive to be able to take advantage of hyper-threading technology, and re-install windows.
I'm sure I've connected everything correctly and device manager senses that 'the device is working properly'.

It shouldn't be because I haven't installed drivers because I installed the drive before in my old PC and it worked fine without any drivers.

It's really frustrating cos everything else on my new PC works like a dream!

P.S. Anyone know where I can download Service Pack 1 other than 'Windows Update'?

Your help is appreciated :)

  Fruit Bat 22:47 08 Jun 2004

Your missing the codecs required to play DVD in your WinDVD software.Lost when reformatted. You will need to down load them but I do'nt know where from try a google search for codecs.


  rickf 23:11 08 Jun 2004

I am sure fruitbat is on track with your prob.

  blackstorm2k 23:19 08 Jun 2004

But surely that would mean that the DVDs would never have worked on my old pc?
I'm....ehm.... not too sure what codecs are anyway...

  gudgulf 23:31 08 Jun 2004

Win dvd should have the codecs it needs on the disc that came with the player---Media player needs add on codecs(which you have to pay for)in order to play dvd's.

It may be that there is a conflict with the version of win dvd you are using and the new set-up.

Try downloading a trial version of the latest Win dvd or Power dvd and see if these let you play a dvd.If they do you will need to invest in the latest software.

click here

click here

  THE TERMINATOR 00:19 09 Jun 2004

make sure your software for playing dvd is region 2

  hugh-265156 00:48 09 Jun 2004

did you update windows after reinstalling?

may be worth a try click here

did you also install your motherboard and graphics card drivers?

you could try downloading this codec pack click here this should let you play just about anything.try the updates first though.

as above windvd should have all it needs to play dvds when you install it.

  hugh-265156 00:51 09 Jun 2004


this little tool is great click here

just point it to the file or disc you are trying to play and it will tell you if you have that codec installed.if you dont have the correct codec it should tell you what you need.

  blackstorm2k 11:09 09 Jun 2004

Cool, thanks for all that info ppl, it will give me something to try when I get home from work tonight!

I have installed m/board & gfx card drivers from the discs which they were supplied with.
I haven't really updated anything in windows yet though, but I didn't last time either...

Thanks once again 4 ur help!

  blackstorm2k 19:28 09 Jun 2004

YAY! Downloaded the trial version of PowerDVD and it works! (al be it for 30mins before the trial version kicks you off!)

I'm now angry with Intervideo because this means I need to upgrade to a later version of their software in order to play DVDs which they charge for and they don't support version 3 of WinDVD.
I hate paying for upgrades - I've already bought their product, and nowhere does it say 'you must keep upgrading to keep this software working!'

I'm not paying $60 to upgrade when it worked fine before formatting my hardrive >:(

Thanks for your help though ppl, I now know for certian that this issue is a software related problem.

  hugh-265156 23:01 09 Jun 2004

this may help you maybe.

click here

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