Why Windows Hotmail Now asking for Safe Senders?

  julius44 05:53 14 Jul 2008

Hi there pls, pls if anyone knows WHY the following problem is occuring pls help me asap!!!

okay here we go, i have a windows hotmail address that i've been using for about 8 years or more, and this is my primary email address, i've NEVER had any probs using it until yesterday....some emails that i was expecting went into my junk folder, so fair enuff, i just moved them into my inbox, which was ok,but it was still showing as mark as safe or unsafe from my inbox, and when i cleck on mark as safe, and the following message comes up 'Your list of safe senders is FULL, to add more, remove addresses until there are no fewer then 250 safe senders'. I was baffled by this as it has NEVER happened before, so i went to my contacts list and i noticed i only had about 180 contacts, so i then decided to remove another 50 contacts, so i'm now down to 130 contacts.....still same problem, i need to add this emails as safe but it wont seem to let me, 1 or 2 of the emails are from kaspersky which i'm expecting....hence these emails are now sitting in my inbox i can view them, but i cannot open the attachements, and i'm still getting the message, mark as safe or unsafe. pls help!!

  Ronnie268 07:19 14 Jul 2008

Hotmail limits the number of contacts and safe senders.

Safe senders are different. They are anyone who you clicked on Mark as Safe. It is to get you to upgrade to a paying Hotmail account.

My advise is to forget Hotmail and to migrate to Google Mail - mail.google.com

This will give you 6.5GB of email sotrage and unlimited contacts/senders until you fill the space.

This is unlikely to happen, so gmail is a safe bet.

Ronnie 268

  Technotiger 07:51 14 Jul 2008

I don't know why you are having this problem after all that time, but if Ronnie268 is correct, Hotmail Plus only costs £14.99 per year.

I use Hotmail Plus, and have done so for years.

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