Why will IE7 not log onto Favourites

  wee eddie 00:07 26 Nov 2006

or follow internal links, most of the time?

I can't even get into Hotmail, and I don't know how many times I've tried to post this Thread.

  john-231489 09:20 27 Nov 2006

Hi Anskyber

I have had this trouble for a while and have posted a few times to try and get a result. I tried your suggestion regarding resetting in Advanced and it has cured the problem.

Many thanks

  Liam101 14:16 27 Nov 2006

I too have just recently updated from IE6 to IE7 and am finding that I am having problems with Favorites. When I click on a link in Favorites, sometimes a box appears instead if it opening up the link page with the words that the url link is no longer valid. This can be random. Yesterday, I was on froogle.co.uk looking at price comparisons and when I went to open it up for the fourth time (first 3 times were ok), again the box appeared with url link invalid.
I think that Microsoft has a problem with Favorites and may not be aware of it. I have looked on the Microsoft UK site to report it, but cannot find a feedback link - trust Microsoft.
Fortunately for me, I have backed up all my IE6 Favorites on a floppy disk, so when the above happens, I just reload the link back into Favorites, but it is frustrating.
So it would appear wee eddie that you and I at least have similar link problems with Favorites in IE7.
Would be interested to hear if others are having the same problem, or any comments from the magazine technicians?

  ACOLYTE 14:28 27 Nov 2006

It may be a problem with Phishing filter,you could try turning this off for a while and see if that helps.It may be blocking web pages it feels are false.

I have to say i have been runing IE7 for quite a while and have never had any problems with favorites or pages not opening.
Another thing to check is if the link you are trying to open is actually valid anymore,somtimes the links in my favorites have been updated and the old pages dont open.
I use Favorg and this is quite good at keeping my fav's upto date.

  Liam101 14:38 27 Nov 2006

Thanks for that Acolyte. Just to say that the pages are still valid - as confirmed when I reload the links from the floppy and open them as normal, but I take your point about sometimes pages can no longer be valid as time moves on.
I will try turning off the anti-phishing tool and see if that solves it. Will let you know the result in a few days :).

  Liam101 19:00 27 Nov 2006

Just an update, especially for Acolyte.

I have turned off the anti-phishing filter, but no change. When the link fails to connect and the box pops up again with the 'invalid link, IE7 cannot proceed', (sometimes now even accompanied by Internet Explorer freezing), the only way that I can get it to work is either doing an IE7 restart or tranferring the link from my back up floppy.
Never had this problem ever in IE6. I now know of at least 2 others who are having the same problem.

  wee eddie 19:17 27 Nov 2006

Did you turn the AntiPhishing Filter through the Settings > Advanced > about 3/4 of the way down.

  john-231489 09:31 28 Nov 2006

As I said in my previous post I followed anskyber's advice and by disabling all the add- ons in IE7 and all worked OK. I enable them one at a time and until I came to McAfee Privacy service it still worked. When I enabled this I could no longer open links in emails. Well worth checking if you have McAfee.

  Liam101 09:40 28 Nov 2006

Wee eddie:-

No, I went to tools, phishing filter, phishing filter settings, then, near the bottom under phishing filter, I disabled it.
It still made no difference though.


I do not have McAfee, but I will disable the ones that I have got one by one and see if it makes any difference. Will let you know. Thanks for that.

  wee eddie 11:03 28 Nov 2006

I tried anskyber's solution. Now all shortcuts have been disabled.

When I try a Shortcut, even in the Control Panel, I get this box.

"This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folders Options control panel."

Having visited the afore said part of the Control Panel. I can find no way of doing this.

  anskyber 11:37 28 Nov 2006

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